Schrader Nearly Gets the Job Done at Seekonk

Three divisions of the fastest winged stock cars in the Northeast descended on Seekonk Speedway Wednesday night for the 25th Annual Boston Louie Memorial. The Northeastern Midget Association (NEMA), NEMA Lites, and ISMA Supermodifieds all took their turns in the spotlight, providing the thrilling, close-quarters racing that has come to define the “Action Track of the East.”

REPLAY: Boston Louie Memorial at Seekonk

The NEMA Lites feature saw the most intense racing of the evening.  Former NASCAR Cup star Ken Schrader had the fastest car at the end of the race, chasing down teenager Jake Trainor in the final laps. At the checkers, Trainor was able to hold him off, with Schrader saying he needed one more lap – or at least to be 40 years younger – if he was going to get it done.


“I just screwed up, didn’t do a good enough job,” Schrader said after the race.  “We were good, I was just riding. When we got to second, this thing really went on the restart. It was like lap 42 and it was like ‘I can’t go as fast as he can,’ and I just didn’t run hard enough.”


For Jake Trainor, the win in the Lites portion of the Boston Louie was easily the highlight of his young career.

“This is a race I’ve been coming to as a kid, I watch it every year. This is the highlight of my life here, this is great.” – Jake Trainor

“This 29 car is always on rails, and for the Seymour family, I know how much it means to them to see this 29 in Victory Lane. It’s just a great feeling.”


Paul Scally dominated the Boston Louie Memorial for the NEMA Midgets, leading all 29 laps to take home the win over Randy Cabral and Avery Stoehr. Scally held off Randy Cabral on three separate lap 20 restarts to take the victory – in his eyes, redemption for the 2015 edition of this race, that saw Cabral steal the win from him with two laps to go.


“[In 2015] we led every lap except for the last two, and Cabral took me on the second restart in a row. I had him three times tonight, and I was able to pull it off. Unbelievable!” Scally said. “When I saw that 74 (Cabral) next to me, I knew what he did to me last time. He’s a good race car driver, I just said I’m going to give it my all, and if we hit, we’re gonna hit. He was next to me, I just kept it there, man.”


Scally worked close to Louie Seymour in his younger years, so to score a win on the night memorializing his old boss was especially emotional.

“I don’t know what to say. I used to work for Boston Louie, and before his wife died, she told me ‘You’re never going to win’ because I wasn’t that good at the time. And I’m here now winning. I won!” – Paul Scally

The ISMA Supermodifieds returned to Seekonk Speedway for the first time since 2011.Ben Seitz had the fastest car in qualifying, setting a new all-time Seekonk Speedway track record of 10.251 seconds (117.061 mph).


Due to a qualifying invert after time trials, Seitz started the feature in sixth place, with Chris Perley bringing the field to green from the front row. Perley led up to lap 46, at which point Jon McKennedy, working his way up from eighth position, took over the top spot. McKennedy then left the field in his dust, building up a six-second lead over second place and lapping up to third.


A caution on came out on Lap 91 when Bobby Santos III blew an engine. He was able to get his car to the pit entrance, but did not have enough steam to make it through the tunnel and up the hill, thus drawing out the yellow.


McKennedy restarted on the inside with Seitz to his outside, and the pair proceeded to duel side by side for the next four or five laps. Seitz was able to drive his car so much deeper into the corner than McKennedy, but McKennedy was able to keep the ground coming out of the corners. Seitz clipped the frontstretch wall with the right rear with about five to go, and the resulting loss of momentum gave McKennedy the lead – and the win.


“We had a really good car, especially on the long run. On the short run though, we were definitely a little bit too pushy,” said McKennedy. “It would take a good five or six laps to get going, but after that it was really good.”


Seitz ended up finishing second, and Chris Perley – who almost went a lap down before the lap 91 caution – finished third.


Boston Louie Memorial (NEMA) Results – Unofficial

  1. Paul Scally
  2. Randy Cabral
  3. Avery Stoehr
  4. Chase Dowling
  5. Alan Chambers
  6. Ben Seitz
  7. Todd Bertrand
  8. Matt Merry
  9. Mike Horn
  10. Doug Cleveland
  11. Jake Trainor
  12. John Zych, Jr.
  13. Andrew Lunt
  14. Lanson Fornoro
  15. Kevin Merrifield

ISMA Supermodifieds Feature – Results (Unofficial)

  1. Jon McKennedy
  2. Ben Seitz
  3. Chris Perley
  4. Otto Sitterly
  5. Dan Bowes
  6. Kenny White
  7. Ryan Locke
  8. Eric Lewis
  9. Bobby Santos III
  10. Anthony Nocella
  11. Mike Ordway, Jr.

NEMA Lite Feature – Results (Unofficial)

  1. Jake Trainor
  2. Ken Schrader
  3. Joey Bailey
  4. P.J. Stergios
  5. Richie Coy
  6. Anthony Nocella
  7. Jessica Bean
  8. Mike Pernisiglio
  9. Jeff Champagne
  10. D.J. Moniz
  11. Ben Mikitarian
  12. Hunter Wise
  13. Paul Scally
  14. Chris Vose
  15. Randy Cabral
  16. Daryn Long
  17. Matt O’Brien
  18. Kyle Valeri
  19. Dylan Coutu
  20. Richie Morrocco
  21. Ethan Dion
  22. Tianna Kibbe
  23. Danny Gamache
  24. Braden Egan

Schrader Nearly Gets the Job Done at Seekonk