GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Southeast Limited Late Model Series has made several revisions to it’s 2016 racing schedule in order to ensure that all eligible racers who wish to compete are able to do so.


The race scheduled for Greenville-Pickens Speedway this Saturday, April 2nd, will now be run on Saturday, April 23rd. The Southeast Limited Late Model Series now joins the Southeast Super Truck Series on that night, making for a special night of racing for the fans.


Series promoter Anthony Anders got together with series owners Ed and Kelli Cox over the weekend and discussed several suggestions made by their core group of racers who want to run the entire series but also have commitments elsewhere.


In the spirit of putting the racers first, ideas were tossed about and the track promoters cheerfully gave their blessing to the proposed changes.


“We didn’t really intend to schedule the back-to-back shows to begin with,” Promoter Anthony Anders said. “But we were going to go ahead with it until we realized that our friends at Hickory had a big limited late model show already scheduled that night. That got us to thinking about whether we might be able to do something to not force the limited racers to make a choice like that.”


“On the one hand, you are reluctant to make such big change in your schedule once it’s announced,” Anders continued. “But this year we have a few teams that support our series and want to support the CARS Tour as well on the late model side, so rather than just reject change we decided to see if there was a way to make it all work for our racers. As we got looking at the various schedules, we realized that we could actually tweak some things to strengthen our series and add some extra fun for our fans. We also created a little more balance in terms of the calendar for ourselves as well, and may have opened up some other options if we decide to add another show or two yet this year. It just made sense for us at this point because we felt like we could actually make it better for all involved.”


The May 7th scheduled race at Greenville-Pickens moves to May 14th and replaces the track’s scheduled 75-lap race for their limited late model division.


The June 25th race at Tri-County Motor Speedway now moves to July 2nd, and again provides a one-two punch with the Southeast Super Truck Series.


The July 29th return to Anderson Motor Speedway now moves to Saturday, August 13th. This night is shaping up to be special, as it will be crowned the “Mid-Summer Championship” race for the series. Greenville-Pickens Speedway will be closed on that night, giving all of their limited late model racers and fans the opportunity to join the series at Anderson for the evening.


“We’ve now got two more shows with the Southeast Super Truck Series and we believe that will make for a more exciting evening for the fans of both series,” he said. “And we moved the second Anderson date from a Friday night to a Saturday night, giving more of our racers a chance to make it there in time. I will not run a race that night at Greenville-Pickens, so the place to be that weekend for racers and fans alike will be at Anderson Motor Speedway. We want to build a following there for Sylvia, and we appreciate the cooperation that she and Drew at Tri-County Motor Speedway so willingly provided in order for us to make our schedule stronger for the racers for the remainder of this year.”


The possibility remains of adding at least one and maybe two more shows later in the season. Cox says he and his staff would be open to that if the right situation comes along.


“I don’t think it’s ever bad to listen to an idea about a race,” Cox said. “But it has to make sense for our racers and for us as a series. We have a couple of possibilities that we’re discussing. We know where we want to be for 2017, so if we can make some things happen this year that would help us get closer to that, then we’re open to it. We have some pretty exciting plans for next year, but we are focused right now on making this year as exciting and rewarding for our teams as we can right through our championship weekend and banquet. Anthony and Tom (Baker) are working hard with Kelli and me to see to that. We’re excited about our next race on the 23rd at Greenville-Pickens.”


The next race for the Southeast Limited Late Model Series will now be Saturday, April 23rd at the Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Easley, South Carolina. Both the Pro division and the Daytona1 Challenger Division will again be in action.


For more information, including purse structure and rules, visit the series website at or contact Ed Cox at 843-421-7276.


2016 Southeast Limited Late Model Series schedule

2/6 –  Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) Winner – Chase Purdy – Pro Series only
3/25 -Anderson Motor Speedway    (SC) Winner – Luke Sorrow – both Pro and Daytona1 Challenger
4/23 –  Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) Pro/Challenger
5/14 –  Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) Pro/Challenger
7/2 –    Tri-County Motor Speedway (NC) Pro/Challenger
8/13 – Anderson Motor Speedway   (SC) Pro/Challenger
9/24 – Tri-County Motor Speedway (NC) Pro/Challenger
10/22- Greenville-Pickens Speedway(SC) Pro/Challenger
11/10- Myrtle Beach Speedway       (SC) Pro/Challenger


-Southeast Limited Late Model Series Press Release


Schedule Revisions Announced for SELLMS