Rick Ibsen, one of many talented Speed51.com photographers, was at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire on Saturday for the 4th Annual SBM 125 Tour-Type Modified event.  With over $46,000 on the line, the action on the track was hot and fans in attendance got their money’s worth plus some.

Jon McKennedy took home the victory after an intense battle for the lead with Rowan Pennink and Les Hinckley during the later stages of the event.  Matt Hirschman led the way during the early portion of the race and took home over $4,000 in total purse money.

Ibsen captured Saturday’s event through the lenses of his camera in the infield and  the photos are now available on Speed51.com’s Five Star RaceCar Bodies Facebook Feed.

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-By Speed51.com Staff. Photo Credit: Rick Ibsen/Speed51.com Photo

SBM 125 IV Photo Gallery from Star Speedway