Saturday Night Was a Great Night to Be a Pauch

It was a great day to be a Pauch Saturday night. Billy Pauch Jr picked up the victory at New Egypt Speedway in the No.96 Small Block Modified and just a brief hour later, Billy Pauch Sr. won the Big Block Modified feature at Bridgeport Speedway in his No.1 machine.


“We’ve had a fast car this year and we were finally able to show it,” Pauch Sr. said.


Pauch Sr kicked the night off winning his heat from third on the 3/8-mile at Bridgeport Speedway.


“We were running warm in the heat, so we opened up the front of the car to let some air in,” he said. “We were good in the heat, so we didn’t want to change too much.”


Pauch Sr. rolled off on the outside of the second row for the main event.


“We took off and were fast early,” he said. “It wasn’t until a restart with me and Manning where I took off and beat him going down in to one for the lead. It was smooth sailing from there.”


Despite heavy lapped traffic Pauch Sr was able to capitalize.


“It was getting a little intense where five guys were racing one another and I’m trying to get around them,” noted Pauch Sr. “It got a little dusty towards the end. I couldn’t even see the flagger to know the race was over. I thought it was 30 laps and it was only 25. Next thing you know the caution came out and they were calling me to the scales.”


Pauch Sr picked up his second career win of the season and first ever career win on the 3/8-mile, adding another track to his extensive resume.


Billy Pauch Jr opened the evening with a second-place finish from his sixth-place starting spot Saturday night at New Egypt Speedway.


Pauch Jr and the team made a few minor adjustments to tighten up before the feature.


Pauch Jr. rolled off on the outside of the sixth row for the 30-lap main event.


“We drove up and got to second on lap ten,” he said. “We chased VanHorn down until five to go. We were able to make a move on him and get the lead.”


Pauch Jr. pulled away to pick up his second victory of the season in the Holsten owned No.96 modified.


“It’s been a real steady year,” added Pauch Jr. “It was good to get back to victory lane. I’m looking forward to running Thursday night for the Short Track Super Series race there.”



Billy Pauch Sr.

May 18 – Bridgeport Speedway; Heat: 1 (3); Feature: 1 (4)

Billy Pauch Jr.

May 18 – New Egypt Speedway; Heat: 2 (6); Feature: 1 (12)



Billy Pauch Sr.

10 races – 2 wins, 3 top 5’s, 5 top 10’s

Billy Pauch Jr.

15 races – 2 wins, 9 top 5’s, 10 top 10’s



Billy Pauch Sr.

May 26 – Bridgeport Speedway

Billy Pauch Jr.

May 23 – New Egypt Speedway

May 24 – Big Diamond Speedway

May 25 – Five Mile Point Speedway

May 26 – Thunder Mountain Speedway

May 27 – Action Track USA


-Mandee Pauch Relations Press Release & Photo

Saturday Night Was a Great Night to Be a Pauch