If anybody has anything for Ryan Preece this week at New Smyrna Speedway (FL), they haven’t shown it yet.  Once again everybody was chasing the back of the red and white no. 6 machine around the high banks of New Smyrna, but to no avail as he pulled into victory lane for the third straight race to score his second official win.


Preece started the race in third, but it seemed like he was underneath Justin Bonsignore and J.R. Bertuccio almost immediately to go take over the lead.  After that, Preece drove away, just like he’s done all week.


Preece visits victory lane once again at New Smyrna (Rick Ibsen/Speed51.com photo).

Preece visits victory lane once again at New Smyrna (Rick Ibsen/Speed51.com photo).

“It’s been fun,” said Preece about his dominance.  “Even though technically we didn’t win Friday night, we’re still having fun and we’re still showing up and parking in victory lane.  I think we’re showing everybody that a couple of pounds didn’t affect us.”


After having his win on the first night of the World Series of Asphalt Speedway Racing taken away from him for being too light in post-race technical inspection by chief technical inspector Ricky Brooks, the last thing he wanted to see was his race car sitting in the tech area for a long time.  Even though that was exactly what happened, Preece’s car was deemed legal for the second straight night after Brooks and his team finished thoroughly examining his NASCAR Spec motor.


“It feels pretty good,” said Preece when asked if he was relieved that he passed tech.  “It feels even better hearing Ricky Brooks say that motor is (absolutely) legal.  It just goes to show you that we have our car rolling through the corner and carrying speed, and what everybody involved in this team has done in two weeks to that car to get it ready and get it done.”


While Preece was out for a peaceful drive on Monday night, Bonsignore and Chuck Hossfeld put on a great battle for second-place with Bonsignore coming out on top.  Bertuccio and Jimmy Zacharias completed the top five.


Preece is driving a brand new Troyer chassis concept car called the TA-2 at New Smyrna this week, and he and his team clearly have the thing figured out as they’ve made it look easy every single night so far.


“There was a lot of hope and promise about what this car was supposed to do with geometry and with the rear suspension,” Preece said.  “It’s lived up to everything so far.  I like it.  It feels like a really good race car.  I’m happy I’m driving it and that I’m one of the first people to drive it.”


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-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Northeast Editor -Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Rick Ibsen/Speed51.com

Ryan Preece Continues Dominance On World Series Night 4