There’s a new Modified Tour in town for the 2017 Southeast racing season.  The new 602 Modified Tour held it’s first meeting with drivers and owners Saturday afternoon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Series promoter David Sell held the meeting to discuss rules and other important information for the tour’s inaugural season.


The tour, which will follow the blueprint of the 602 Super Limited Series already in existence, will serve as a way for Modified racers to get their foot in the door before going Tour-type Modified racing.


Racers who choose to compete in the series will use a 602 crate motor; however, for the initial season Modified competitors at nearby Ace Speedway will be able to compete using the motors they already have along with a 350 carburetor.  Competitors choosing to invest in the 602 crate motor will be allowed to use a 390 or 650 carburetor.


During the meeting, Sell explained to those in attendance that he’s allowing the Ace Modifieds to compete in order to give those competitors a chance to test out the series. For the 2018 season, he explained that only the 602 crate motor will be allowed.


Another topic discussed in length during the meeting, which was broadcasted live on Facebook, was the use of the American Racer  D970 tire.  Sell informed competitors that there will be a tire test in the coming week that will help the series make their decision on whether to use that tire or not.


At the end of the meeting, as Sell opened up the floor for questions, some competitors raised concerns over the series’ rear end rule which currently states, “any quick change style rear end assembly may be used.” Sell ended the broadcast of the meeting by saying that the series would continue to look into that rule and update the rule book if any changes are made.


Sell also informed drivers and teams that there will not be a ride height rule, nor a shock/spring rule for the 602 Modified Tour.


During the meeting, competitors were also informed that no official champion would be crowned for the inaugural season.  This is due in part to the rulebook allowing two different motor packages and the unknowns as far as how those two motors will match up against to each other.


The series will use European-style qualifying for all four of the races on their tentative schedule.


The tentative schedule can be seen below:


July 28 – Wake County Speedway


September 3/4 – Track TBA


October 28 – Carteret County Speedway


November 12 – Franklin County Speedway


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-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: 602 Modified Tour

Rules Discussed, Clarified at Meeting for New 602 Modified Tour