The ICAR All-Star Modified Tour put on a show for the history books. The Birch Run race makes it 2 weekends in a row where there was a constant lead battle for the entire race.


The #13 of Kyle Purvis found himself in the mix for the lead in both races. Unfortunately he just couldn’t capitalize this weekend either.


The majority leader of the race, Travis Eddy, went to the front in just a few laps and seemed to be comfortable out front. That would end about 7 laps later when Purvis grabbed P2 and closed in on Eddy fast. The #13 of Kyle Purvis put the pressure on Eddy trying for the lead several laps in a row, eventually getting by Eddy.


A caution would bunch the field back up and on the madhouse restart, Eddy went high and Purvis went low. They battled side by side for several laps until Eddy edged out Purvis for a second time. Meanwhile, the #57 of Blake Rowe was looming behind the front 2 in the car bird seat waiting for 1 of the 2 veterans to make a mistake.


Rowe tried to get past Purvis with about 30 laps to go and just couldn’t get it done. He got his tires too hot and lost the handle on the car. So Rowe backed his lap times down and kept the car underneath him allowing his tires too cool back down enough to make a final push at the front 2 cars of Eddy and Purvis.


With 15 remaining it was evident that Eddy and Purvis were giving it their all trying to win the 70 lap race. Lap traffic would prove to be fatal for Eddy and Purvis. It allowed Blake Rowe to catch the leaders and with his cooled down tires and once he caught them it was over with. Rowe drove around Eddy and Purvis with just a handful of laps remaining.


Purvis would follow suit behind Rowe eventually getting back by Eddy to bring his car home in second place. The bad boys from Icar All-star modified tour put on a show for the fans that was nothing less than spectacular.


The next show for the Tour is slated to take place at the 2nd Annual Short Track U.S. Nationals in Thunder Valley at the famed 1/2 mile known as Bristol Motor Speedway on May 18th & 19th.


Icar would like to thank all of the fans, teams, and competitors that joined this weekend at Birch Run Speedway.


1. Blake Rowe
2. Kyle Purvis
3. Travis Eddy
4. David McManus
5. Tyler Knuckles
6. Buddy Gray
7. Dave Christenson
8. David Carter
9. John King
10. Nick Lechota
11. Danny Jackson
12. Jason Congdon
13. Adam Rowe
14. Damian Lytle
15. Mike Luberda Sr
16. Rick Wiecorek
17. Johnny Hayden
18. Jason Drew
19. Joe Morisette
20. Robby Johnson
21. Nick Clemens
22. Brad Yunker


-ICAR Press Release

-Photo credit: RJ Gill

Rowe Tops ICAR Modified Race for the History Books at Birch Run