Two-time Oxford 250 winner Ben Rowe will enter this weekend’s 45th Annual Oxford 250 with a new weapon in his arsenal. Rowe and the Richard Moody Racing team will be going into battle at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) with a brand-new race car acquired this year from Senneker Performance in Michigan.


While the team has been preparing the Senneker chassis for most of the summer, Rowe and Moody have been planning this change since last winter when they attended the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL).


“We’ve been preparing for over a month now,” Rowe explained.  “We built the new car, we tested it last week and we’re testing it this week. We’re just trying to get ready for this one race. It’s been great.  We talked to Terry Senneker last year at the Derby through Bubba (Pollard), he kind of put us that route.


“We’ve been having Mike Garvey helping us out the last couple of years now and he’s real familiar with that. It’s a good fit for us to go that route.  Terry has been super.  We got it together and I think it’s going to be a good piece.”


Throughout the weekend, Rowe and the No. 4 crew will be working very close with one of the top Super Late Model racers in the country, Bubba Pollard and his No. 26 squad.  Pollard has enjoyed success throughout the country with his Senneker chassis in recent years.


Rowe’s partnership with Pollard stems from a friendship that goes back nearly a decade to Rowe’s 2009 championship run in PASS South, when he traveled to Senoia Speedway (GA) looking for a ride to keep his title hopes alive.  Pollard gave him just what he needed to stay in the hunt.


Now in 2018, as Pollard makes his Oxford 250 debut, Rowe believes that they are in position to learn off each other this weekend.


“With Bubba coming up here, running the exact same thing, it will be the two of us. Hopefully we can figure it out,” Rowe stated.  “I can bounce a lot of ideas and questions off him to figure this thing out with Mike Garvey. When I won the South championship with PASS, I didn’t have a ride for one race at Senoia, Georgia, and I contacted Bubba about just starting the race. He told me to come down and start it.  When I got there, he told me to race it, and that’s how we got started. It’s been like that ever since. I help him out when I can, and they help me out. Hopefully this will work for both of us.”


While Rowe knows that winning his debut with the Senneker car has its challenges, he is determined to get the job done; not just for himself, his family, and fans, but for his team and owner who have never claimed an Oxford 250 trophy.


“Richard Moody has done everything in his power to win this race for a number of years, not with just me, but with Jeff Stephens back in the day,” Rowe began.  “This is the one race that he hasn’t won out all the ones he has. We’ve been close, real close, it’s just a real tough race to win. Everything has to go your way, even starting this early in the week, to be in victory lane. That’s the biggest thing for me.  I’d like to win, match my dad for his wins, stuff like that, but to bring Richard a 250 trophy is my biggest goal.”


Rowe’s ambitions with the Senneker car extend far beyond this weekend’s Oxford 250 and even the PASS North tour. He is hoping to be able to hit the road with this car and compete for some of the biggest Super Late Model trophies in the nation.


“It’s been hit or miss for a couple of years now, this just something we need to get back to familiarity. Again, it’s something that Mike Garvey can help us out with, we can listen to Bubba and Terry. Bubba has figured out what he needs in that chassis; he’s pretty dominant.  If we can just fit into this puzzle and learn off them as much as we can that would be great. We want to go to Richmond, we want to go back to the (Snowball) Derby, and we want to run all over the country with this Senneker car.”


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-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Rowe to Debut New Chassis, Work With Pollard at Oxford 250