Saturday’s weather was hot and sunny in southeastern Wisconsin, temperatures into the eighties as we enjoyed a company picnic all day. An hour away we arrived at Plymouth Dirt Track to a few clouds in the horizon for one of the final races of their season. Many late models were missing for some reason, and three vintage modified cars from Indiana came to try out the clay oval.

Sprint car heats led the program, won by Shane Wenninger, Steve Meyer in Ozzie Wiesner’s car and Kurt Davis. Danny Schlafer won the B main, followed by five more to complete the 22-car feature field. The wind suddenly changed direction during the events and temperatures dropped into the sixties. A sense of hurry was added to the night’s program as people dashed to their cars for warm layers.

The Grand National heats ended with Jeff Lammers, Aaron Stolp and Matt Yancey the winners. Mark Fieber had won at another track the previous night, but on Saturday was to make the feature by winning the B main. Three others transferred to the main from that contest.

Mark Kuhfuss doubled his fun for the second week by competing in his own Grand National and also wheeling Jonathan Otte’s car in the Outlaw Compact field. Kuhfuss won the first heat, while Brody Rivest had a spirited battle before winning the second contest.

The Super Mods saw a duel between Dan Kruschke and Johnny Fahl, with Fahl taking the point at the checkered flag.

The late model heats were won by Brad Mueller and Billy Rezutek, the pair in reverse order in the front row at feature time. They were followed by Turk Letizia, Jim Schmidt, Kyle Odekirk, Tim Buhler and previous night’s winner Mitch McGrath. The feature had just lined up when the light mist suddenly turned into a downpour. Minutes later the track was beyond salvaging, and the night was done shortly after eight o’clock. Oddly, the roads were dry when we got about thirty miles south of Plymouth, but at least our car got a good rinse in the downpour.

This leaves three more point shows for the sprint cars and only two for the other divisions before the 2014 season comes to an end. Surrounded by homes now, this track has to begin and end around the school calendar as well as maintain a strict curfew. Judging by the backyard decks with people viewing from their yards each week, we can tell the good neighbor policy is working.

(Editors Note: Fay Hendricks is a long-time racing columnist and periodically will share her racing stories on Speed

Photo Credit: RC Custom Designs

Round & Round: Short Night at Plymouth