Casey Roderick Earns TRIUMPH in World Crown 300 with PFC Brakes!

Casey Roderick Claims VICTORY at Gresham Motorsports Park!
This past weekend at Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park, Casey Roderick grabbed the win of the famous 31st Annual World Crown 300 Late Model Race. Roderick uses PFC’s Full ZR34 Brake Package–proving itself yet again as the number one brake package for the series on the market.
The battle for the win was a long and strenuous one, but with Roderick still coming out on top as the winning #7 car. There were 12 different lead changes throughout the Southern Super Series race on the 1/2 mile asphalt oval track, as many drivers were determined to win this legendary race.

Roderick drove his way through several groups of three-wide battles near the front of the pack. During the final lap, Roderick bumped Kyle Grissom out of the lead, driving his way across the checkered flag for a win.

“I knew I had to do something,” said Roderick about the happenings of the last lap. “I mean, it’s the World Crown 300! That’s just racing, man. You got to get out here and give it all your heart.”
With Roderick behind the wheel, and PFC Brakes behind the tires, the #7 car claimed a huge victory this weekend. The PFC package features the ZeroDrag™ ZR34 Calipers, ZeroFailures™ discs, and CarbonMetallic© race pads.

Want to Watch the Race?
Keep a lookout on our PFC Brakes Facebook and Gresham Motorsports Facebook page for T.V. Air Dates of the World Cup 300 coming soon!

Short Track Recommended Compounds

01 Compound:

Light Friction-Ideal for Intermediate and low braking tracks. Pensacola, Nashville, Gresham, Milwaukee, etc. Good initial (Cold bite,) with very little torque rise with temperature for modulation and excellent release.


11 Compound:

Medium Friction-also ideal for intermediate and low braking tracks, including some heavier braking tracks. Pensacola, Cordele, Gresham, New Smyrna, etc.  The ultimate in control, with super disc conditioning. Developed from 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. Ultra smooth and eliminates wheel lock. Even less torque rise with temperature than 01.


13 Compound: 

High Friction-Built for high braking applications and tracks. New Smyrna, Southern National, Dillon, Cordele, etc. Ultimate high bite developed from 01 with increased bite, modulation, and superior disc conditioning and release characteristics for exceptional control.


Compound applications vary depending on driver preference and caliper design. Consult PFC Short Track Technical Sales for your specific application and technical support.


For orders or questions, contact:
Chris Dilbeck
NASCAR Technical Sales
Keith Braun
Short Track Technical Sales

Performance Friction Brakes
83 Carbon Metallic Highway
Clover, South Carolina 29710

Seach icon wide


– High Temperature Aluminum Alloy.
– Thermal Insulating Piston Heat Caps.
– Monobloc FEA Optimized Design.
– Radial Mount.

34.323.410.440.11/12   (LF/RF)
34.323.290.365.01/02   (LR/RR)
Brackets (4)
Discs (Front & Rear)
299.32.0040.01/02 (L/R) 
1.25 inch x 11 3/4
Pads (Front & Rear)
7934.XX.19.44  (1.25)
Available in 01, 11, & 13 Compounds


– Higher Boiling Point
– Lower Drag
– Less Viscosity Change
– Less Compressibility

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Roderick Wins World Crown with PFC Brakes