The laps got late, and Casey Roderick got faster.


Roderick dominated the Saturday of Speed 125 at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) Saturday, saying his car was one of the best he has ever driven.


“It is easily the best car I have had in the last two years,” Roderick said. “When you come here, you are usually fighting for second behind Augie. This week we spent some extra time on some set-up stuff, and it paid off tonight. Hopefully some of the stuff we learned can be applied to our Super car as well.”


After taking the lead early, Roderick felt different challengers at the back door, such as Bill Bethea and Perry Patino. However, as the race settled in, an old rival – Augie Grill – found his way to the rear bumper of Roderick’s machine.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)Grill set fast time in qualifying, but started on the rear of the field due to pulling his car out of line for adjustments. After working his way through the field, Grill’s car suddenly lost power.


A loose battery wire sent Grill to the back of the pack once again.


Racing deep in the field, Grill picked off cars lap after lap, but couldn’t find a way by Roderick in the race’s final sprint.


At the end of night, despite passing dozens of cars, Grill had to settle for second.


“We had a case of the new car blues tonight,” Grill stated.  “The throttle pedal came loose in qualifying, and a battery wire got loose during the race. We brought the car in and got the cable connected solidly again, and it fired right back up. We just used up the right rear trying to get through traffic and didn’t have much left at the end.”


Josh Adkins worked his way through the field and avoided incidents to bring home a career-best third-place finish.


“The car really came in tonight,” Adkins said. “I tried following Augie in traffic there for a while, but he was too good and just pulled away. Overall, it was a good night for us.”


The win marked Roderick’s 12th of 2017 and fourth at Montgomery this season. Hugs, high fives and hand pounds were plentiful in victory lane.


It doesn’t matter how many times he wins, a trip to victory lane is always special.


“Winning never gets old,” said Roderick. “You can’t win too much. It is what we come to the race track to do. Guys and girls across the country come to win and we are no different. That is what this sport is all about.”


An on-demand video replay of Saturday’s race can be seen by clicking here.


-By Ryan McCollough, Deep South Correspondent

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Roderick Takes a Rocket to Montgomery Victory Lane