Five starts, four victories, three states, one driver.


The magnitude of success achieved in his statistical countdown for the 2017 season is undeniable.  Casey Roderick has shown great strength in his Pro Late Model, and last night at Five Flags Speedway the Georgia native pulled off his latest feat.


“That was unbelievable,” Roderick said.  “Ever since the start of the year, man it’s been unreal.  That’s by far the best car I’ve had here in the Pro Late Model division.”


300x250 Bristol 2017Roderick battled 25 competitors for 100 laps on the half-mile.  Taking the lead on lap one, the No. 18 machine was indomitable on all six restarts, an edge that proved valuable for the early duration of the race.


“We work hard for it and there’s just no better crew than these guys right here,” Roderick said.  “I really appreciate everyone that’s been involved with my racing career the last few years.  I’m just happy to end up here in Victory Lane.”


Roderick’s only true challenge came just after the halfway mark when 2nd place finisher Chris Davidson briefly stole the lead.  Despite being forced to trail Davidson for over ten laps, Roderick maintained a cool demeanor.


“That’s just the way these races are,” Roderick said.  “You have to play it out and not panic.  Ronnie [Sanders] was telling me to go get him, but it worked out in our favor towards the end.  I just can’t thank him enough for letting me wheel this car.”


Chris Davidson had to maneuver all the way up from his 13th starting position before he would have an opportunity to oust Roderick from first.  Davidson weaved around 11 cars prior to the halfway point, undoubtedly the strongest run of the night.


“I thought we were better than him,” Davidson admitted.  “Thought we had him, turns out we didn’t and we got tight there towards the end.  We just died and he didn’t.”


Even after Roderick regained the lead, Davidson recognized another opportunity to pass.  The leader was considerably slowed by lapped traffic, giving Davidson a final chance to fill the gap before the checkers waved.


“I saw [the opportunity] and tried all I could, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do with it,” Davidson said.  “I gave it everything I had.  The car is in one piece though and the crew worked really hard.  We just need to work a little harder and see if we can come back a little better.”


Third place finisher Ryan Paul ran up front the entirety of the race, but couldn’t keep pace with Roderick’s flawless restarts.


“We just don’t have the fire we need for the first five to six laps on a restart,’ Paul conceded.  “We had a pretty good piece and I think we have a good idea on where we’re going with this program.”


Paul told powered by JEGS that he believes he had a second place car but looks forward to additional testing where he and his team will work on preparing it for victory lane.


“I think we’re going to come back and do some testing before we go anywhere,” Paul said.  “We’re going to get better and we’ll be stronger when we come back next time.  [Roderick’s] who we’ve got to catch and if we’re going to win, that’s who we’re going to have to outrun.”


“That red No. 18 is bad to the bone, that’s for sure.”


-Melissa Strahley, Southeast Correspondent

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Allen Turner Pro Late Models 

Unofficial Results 


1 18 Casey   Roderick
2 14D Chris Davidson
3 18P Ryan   Paul
4 43 Justin South
5 99 Wayne   Niedecken, Jr
6 46W Cole Williams
7 95 Derrick   Griffin
8 05 Bayley Curry
9 14 Connor   Okrzesik
10 27 Austin Wood
11 51 Perry   Patino
12 22H Brandon Herbert
13 10S RS   Senter
14 42 Jay Jay Day
15 55 Ronnie   Osmer
16 4M Elliott Massey
17 50 Ty   Roberts
18 21 Ryan Herbert
19 30 Rusty Sanford
20 79 Michael Villareal
21 23 Josh Hollis
22 46 Jarrett Parker
23 9 Jeff Choquette
24 04 Corey Roper
25 22 Riley Thornton
26 4 Neil Wells

Roderick and Sanders Racing Continue Unreal Season at Five Flags