RoC Updates Procedures Following First Invitational Event

The following statements are in accordance with “on-track” and “post-race” incidents and actions following Thursday night’s online activities as part of the “RoC Invitational” at Concord Speedway.


Due to the server size and response, we are only permitted 62 cars entered in to any i-Racing event. With the event already opened and responses sent, those that responded (the first 56) were placed into the event at 7:30pm, from that point all other entries were placed into the early event, which held qualifying races to give participants an opportunity to race and qualifying into the 7:30pm, main event.


From this point forward, we will maintain this format and remind everyone that all participants, who were part of the entry list for the Thursday, April 2 event, will be invited to the event on Thursday, April 9, at Oxford Plains Speedway. Invitations will be issued as follows;


  • Any actual Race of Champions driver, regardless of Series, will receive the first round of invitations. Once accepted this will lock them into the 7:30pm show.
  • Drivers who qualified for the feature will receive the second round of invitations for the 7:30pm show.
  • The third round of invitations will go to Drivers based on their finishing position in the B-Mains, until there are 50 Drivers who accept to participate in the 7:30pm portion of the show.
  • All remaining drivers, including new entries and past participants will be placed in the 6:45pm qualifying event, with 12 remaining positions to transfer into the 7:30pm show.
  • Please keep in mind that times may change due to telecast/broadcast specifications.


Internet verbal communication must be kept respectful. Vulgarity of any type will not be permitted. At the discretion of i-Racing and event officials, any driver may be removed for the use of such language and will be immediately suspended from all further “RoC Invitiational” events. The communication is open to participants of all ages and must be respectful.


Race direction, race procedures. There is no overall feed to watch all cars, at all times, therefore it is discretionary, however, a driver may be removed at any time and a driver involved in multiple cautions being removed from the event is under review and at the discretion of i-Racing and event officials.


The green-white-checker setting was turned on, however, the feature race ended caution without explanation. This is being examined to eliminate confusion in the future.


Following last night’s event, there was an apparent “threat” made to a participant in the event that has been brought to our attention. The “threat” is being investigated through several proper channels. If there is any validity to the “threat” and the severe nature of the “threat” as posted on social media, we will determine, who it was and turn all appropriate information over to the proper authorities so this can be handled in a legal manner. Anyone involved will be suspended indefinitely from all “RoC Invitational” virtual events as well as any actual Race of Champions sanctioned event.


“We created this for fun and something for racers, both actual and i-racers, to do during unprecedented times in our World. We have never faced any time like this, not just in our national history, but in the history of the world. A virtual race on a computer is something to enjoy, not something that should create animosity or ill will amongst anyone. The folks that have the opportunity to do this should really be thinking about that. This morning, an executive from another sanctioning body, posted something similar on social media and it was challenging to see. We are fortunate to have this as and it needs to be respected. We are all affected by this, many people, adversely or worse, therefore we are lucky to engage in something with our friends and peers that resembles our passion. It is rare during these times and we need to treat it as such,” stated Joe Skotnicki, Race of Champions. “This was a first for us, so just like anything else, we are learning as we go and we will manage it from this point foward in this manner and continue to evaluate and evolve with this program just like any of the other programs we have.”


Where: I-Racing, Oxford Plains Speedway from your personal location.

When: Thursday, April 9, 2020 – Qualifying @ 7:30pm, sign is @ 7:00pm EST, with one 30-minute practice, feature to follow qualifying (Overflow Entry Qualifying Event 6:45pm EST, sign is at 6:15pm with one 30-minute practice).

Directions: /

What: Race of Champions “RoC” Invitational 150k-lap feature race.

More Information:

Next Event: Oxford Plains Speedway, Thursday, April 9, 2020 – Qualifying @ 7:30pm

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RoC Updates Procedures Following First Invitational Event