Lancaster, NY — One of Lancaster (N.Y.) National Speedway’s top drivers of all-time, John Julicher of Williamsville, N.Y., cut his teeth and had great success in Lancaster’s Super Stock division. In August of 2018 Julicher, a larger than life figure in the motorsports community, lost his battle with cancer. The Julicher family, principals from the Race of Champions and Lancaster management got together and unanimously decided the Race of Champions Super Stock Series race during the 30th Annual  U.S. Open will be deemed the “John Julicher Classic.”


The race on Saturday, September 22 already has a bolstered purse and bonus program through the efforts John Lyon, a good friend to the Julicher family and leader of the TDH Refrigeration Motorsports program, who posted $500 from TDH Refrigeration. Art Hill Excavatimg, one of Julicher’s long-time partners, is posting $500. In addition, Airport Collision $500 and $500 from the Julicher has been raised in honor of their family leader and good friend.


The winner will receive an additional $1,000 making it $1,500-to-win. The ninth-place finisher will receive $250. The leader of lap nine will receive a $100 bonus. The first car out will receive $100. Second, third and fourth place finishers will each receive $100. Fifth place will receive an additional $50. The hard charger will receive an additional $100 and the fastest overall qualifier will receive $100.


Qualifying will begin at 4:30pm on that Saturday Please contact Lancaster National Speedway at 716.759.6818 if you have additional questions.


-Race of Champions Press Release

-Photo credit: Lancaster National Speedway

RoC Super Stocks Set for John Julicher Classic at Lancaster