Columbus, OH – Cody Robinson completed a daring three-wide in route to his second win of the season Saturday at Columbus Motor Speedway.  The Kettering, OH rookie candidate held off point leader Kyle Jones in the waning stages of the 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All American Series main event and kept himself in serious contention for the 2015 track championship.
Mike Rush and Daryl McKay brought the 19-car contingent to the green flag with the former controlling from the outset. Robinson started fourth and appeared to be in trouble as McKay slipped back in the outside lane. That, however, didn’t deter him. With Jones occupying the inside lane and McKay right in front of him, Robinson pulled into the third lane and powered around Jones and McKay as lap-2 went up on the NASCAR scoreboard. Pausing briefly as Kyle Purvis swept past Rush to take the top, Robinson continued to take the long way around the third-mile paved oval disposing of Purvis four circuits later. Jones and fast qualifier Chad Pendleton were next around the early leaders as both set out after Robinson. Looking to repeat his first career win back in May, only a lap-15 caution for a spin by Eddie Vallette erased a half straightaway lead and slowed his pursuit. Closing up on the rear bumper of Robinson were Jones and Pendleton. The event’s final green flew moments later but neither had anything for the eventual winner. Robinson flashed across the checkered flag a car length ahead of Jones followed by Pendleton, Ryan Fleming and Purvis.
Shane Shirk was back in victory lane after a convincing triumph in the 30-lap Columbus modified contest. Starting eighth, Shirk was on the move early. Up to fifth when a lap-5 spin by Kevin Doran created the races only caution Shirk chased Shawn Gray, Gary Zink and Terry Humphrey back to the green flag.   Powering into the outside lane Shirk mowed all four challengers taking over on lap-11. As he pulled away, all eyes turned to point-leader Kyle Purvis who had been mired in traffic early on. Purvis ran down and bypassed Zink, Humphrey and Gray by the races conclusion but had to settle for his sixth runner-up result this year. Gray, Humphrey and Zink rounded out the top five spots.
George Lindsay continued his winning ways in sport stock competition securing his tenth win of the season. Starting tenth in the 25-lap affair, the local engine builder powered around the outside of early pacesetter Bruce Holmes on the sixth tour and never looked back. Chris Meier was second at the stripe ahead of Holmes, Jason Parsons and Jeremiah English.
Danielle Brown allocated her first crazy compact feature win this year in an exciting 20-lap event. Much like Robinson in the late model event, the popular victory came with Brown making a three wide pass. Taking over from early leader David Shull at the races midpoint, Brown pulled away to a convincing triumph. Trey Gregory was second at the checkered with Shull, Michael Robison and Jim McElfresh close behind.
Jeff Meyers Jr was the man to beat in ARCA Truck racing action. Talking full advantage of  a favorable inversion draw at the mandatory half way stop, Meyers outran Cody Quarrick in the 75-lap event. Shawn Szep, Billy Stehle and Brandon Huff completed the top five finishing positions.
Late Model
Fast Time:  Chad Pendleton 14.342
Fast Dash:  1) Cody Robinson 2) Chad Pendleton 3) Cody Robinson 4) Kyle Jones
Heat:  1) Howard Muncy 2) Logan Runyon 3) Bobby Justus 4) Mike Rush 5) Kyle Purvis
Heat:  1) Jeep Pflum 2) Josh Cahill 3) Bill Cantley 4) Mike Holland 5) Eddie Vallette
Feature:  1) Cody Robinson 2) Kyle Jones 3) Chad Pendleton 4) Ryan Fleming 5) Kyle Purvis
            6) Donnie Hill 7) Mike Rush 8) Bobby Justus 9) Erika Newcome 10) Josh Cahill
            11) Howard Muncy 12) Logan Runyon 13) Daryl McKay 14) Bill Cantley
15) Mike Holland 16) Jeep Pflum 17) Burgess White 18) Eddie Vallette 19) Jim Hursey
Columbus Modifieds
Fast Time: Shane Shirk 14.577
Fast Dash:  1) Terry Humphrey 2) Shane Shirk 3) Shawn Gray 4) Kyle Purvis
Heat:   1) Jeremy Menninger 2) Brent Smith 3) Marc Life 4) John Hansel 5) Andy Shutts
Heat:   1) Buddy Townsend 2) Ryan Smith 3) Kevin Doran 4) Gary Zink 5) Ethan Mullet
Feature:  1) Shane Shirk 2) Kyle Purvis 3) Shawn Gray 4) Terry Humphrey 5) Gary Zink
            6) Ethan Mullet 7) Kevin Doran 8) Greg Blackburn 9) Buddy Townsend
10) Brent Smith 11) Jeremy Menninger 12) Brian Whetnall 13) Marc Life
14) John Hansel 15) Andy Shutts 16) Richie Jones 17) John Donovan
Sport Stocks
Fast Time: George Lindsay 15.862
Fast Dash:  1) Phil Gussler Jr 2) Jeremiah English 3) George Lindsay 4) Kenny Simpson
Heat:   1) Ralph Vinson 2) Jason Parsons 3) Bruce Snider 4) Bruce Holmes 5) Chris Meier
Feature:  1) George Lindsay 2) Chris Meier 3) Bruce Holmes 4) Jason Parsons
5) Jeremiah English 6) Bruce Snider 7) Phil Gussler Jr 8) Steve Karnes
9) Kenny Simpson 10) Ralph Vinson 11) Shawn Preece
Crazy Compact
Fast Time:  Ryan Smith 17.077
Feature:  1) Danielle Brown 2) Trey Gregory 3) David Shull 4) Michael Robison
5) Jim McElfresh 6) Bill McElfresh 7) Gwen Walsh 8) Bill Ramey 9) Corey Kyer
10) Ryan Tamburro 11) Herman Dague 12) Ryan Smith 13) Shawn Vansickle
14) Robb Gibson 15) Frank Hreha 16) Chris Carter 17) Bill Hundley
18) Devin Stansbury
ARCA Truck Series
Feature:  1) Jeff Meyers Jr 2) Cody Quarrick 3) Shawn Szep 4) Billy Strehle 5) Brandon Huff
            6) Brad Yunker 7) Katlynn Leer 8) Levi Mansfield 9) Jess Drook

-Columbus Motor Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Columbus Speedway


Robinson Goes Three-Wide to Score Columbus Win