MOORESVILLE, NC – In preparation for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 11-12, the No. 15 Rob Fuller Motorsports team conducted a full-day test at the track earlier this week to access and prepare the new LFR Chassis.


Todd Szegedy, who was recently named driver of the 15-40 Connection Chevrolet for the Loudon modified races, was ecstatic with the workmanship and handling of the racecar.  The chassis is new to the team and was built by LFR Chassis, a Mooresville, N.C. based company owned by Rob Fuller.


“The car really drove extremely well,” Szegedy commented.  “It responds very well to changes.  Even the minor changes that we made, I was able to feel a difference.  That tells me that the car is in great balance.”


“Racing at Loudon in the modifieds is like racing the Cup cars at Daytona,” said Szegedy.  “You can catch a draft 10 cars back and the handling can change when you get around other cars.  We did get the chance to practice with a few other racecars and test the LFR chassis in this scenario.  In our new LFR car I could be leading, the middle car or the back car and the characteristics in handling of the car did not change at all.  I was very impressed with that.”


“I was very impressed with the workmanship and the potential adjustability with the car,” continued Szegedy.  “I was also impressed with the amount of room the driver has.  Traditionally all modifieds have at tight cockpit.  The tinwork is usually very high.  This car is low and you can get a full range of movement with the car.  The dash is set up really nice as well.  It is a very classy looking car.”


In its 15-year history, this is the first time Fuller has stepped out of the cockpit of a RFM racecar and turned over the steering wheel to another driver.  Once the LFR Chassis was built, Fuller quickly recognized his value in being outside of the car and leading his team to make the necessary adjustments to be highly competitive on the track.


“I was very impressed working with Rob.  Since he’s a driver, it really helps our communication,” said Szegedy.  “He would communicate what changes were being made to the car and what I should feel on the track and he was spot on.”


“This R&D work will help future LFR Chassis customers so they have a general baseline setup on hand,” said Fuller.  “It was great having that full day session with Todd. With over 30 years of racing experience, Todd has driven multiple types of chassis in many different racing series throughout his career. His positive feedback on the LFR Chassis was exactly what we had hoped.  The complements given to me by other crew members was amazing.  The car was very fast but to get compliments from guys that have been in this division for years was really the highlight of my day.  I know what kind of car we are preparing but the reception was still unknown.  This garage area is full of talented, hard working racers and to get the feedback we did was truly amazing.”


“The communication between us went really well,” Fuller continued.  “Being in these cars for so many years, it’s easy for me to tell a driver how a change is going to feel.  That communication is key to getting the right setup to win races.  Just with that one-day test, I think we’re there.  I can’t wait to get back here in July.”


Szegedy’s last win was at the Loudon, N.H. track and he feels capable of visiting Victory Lane again this summer.


“Without a doubt this car is extremely capable of winning,” said Szegedy.  “When we were done with the test session I told Rob to put the car in bubble wrap.  We don’t need to make any changes or even touch it until the races in July.”


The Whelen Modified All-Star Race will take place at the Magic Mile on Thursday, July 11 and the NWMT New Hampshire 100 event is scheduled for Friday, July 12.




About Rob Fuller Motorsports

Rob Fuller Motorsports was established in 1999.  It is a company solely based on one person’s vision to do more with less in the motorsports industry.  From the Saturday night racer looking for those extra two tenths to assembling a COT car that qualified for the Daytona 500 out of his own backyard shop, Rob puts forth the kind of quality and work ethic found in top NASCAR teams.  He takes great pride in the fact that many of his employees move on to Hendrick, Gibbs or any other highly respected team in NASCAR to further their career in racing.  For more information, please visit


About LFR Chassis

In early 2014, Rob Fuller formed LFR Chassis.  With consulting from Steve Leavitt Sr., the two combined to provide decades of experience in modified and late model racing. The company, based in Mooresville, N.C., manufactures cutting edge racecar chassis that are user-friendly and provides high-end components and customer service to the top-tier modified and late model race teams across the nation.


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15-40 Connection is raising awareness of the fact that cancer survival rates in teens and young adults aged 15 to 40 have barely improved since 1975 in large part because of delays in diagnosis. It is empowering individuals with knowledge that will save and improve lives through early cancer detection.  For more information, please visit

Rob Fuller Motorsports Completes Successful Mod Tour Test with New Chassis