Following the biggest win of his career in the Kalamazoo Klash, Tyler Roahrig decided this past weekend that it was time to expand his winning territory. The Indiana driver filed for a passport to take on the newly built Jukasa Motor Speedway in Ontario, Canada. Just like he often does on American soil, Roahrig visited victory lane north or the border.


“Bob (Blount) called me about a month before the race and asked if we wanted to go up there and run. I had to get a passport since I didn’t have one and it was a pretty difficult process getting one in a month,” Roahrig told powered by JEGS.


300x250 Summer Thunder 2017.09.03Rohrig normally pilots his own No. 24 Outlaw, but instead he climbed behind the wheel of Blount’s blue and white No. 16 for this weekend’s grand opening of Jukasa.


“I’ve known Bob forever; we actually live about ten minutes away from each other and I do his shocks,” he explained. “We went to Flamboro first and then made our way to Jakusa over the weekend.”


Roahrig and his team made the trip to the grand opening of the race track formerly known as Cayuga Speedway. The track received a facelift with new pavement and facilities, resulting in a line of fans wrapped around the Speedway waiting to get into the track.


“The track was amazing and racing on the new pavement was like racing on glass,” Roahrig stated. “It was easily the nicest track I have ever been too and they told us that they are still at least a year out from being completely done with everything.


“There was a ton of grip because of the new pavement and then the banking made it really fun to race.”


The new race track brought excitement for the fans in Canada and the drivers who came from all over to compete in the grand opening, including Kenny Schrader.


Before showing up there the weekend of the race, no one, including Roahrig, had raced on the track. That didn’t put a hinge in his plans of victory though as America’s hottest Outlaw Super Late Model driver took his success north of the border.


“It is really cool to say that I got the first Outlaw win at that track,” Roahrig said. “Before this weekend I had never even been to Canada so it was awesome to be able to go there and get the win.”

Roarhig Continues Hot Streak North of the Border