JR Roahrig is one of the biggest names in Outlaw Late Model racing.  He has won some of the most prestigious Outlaw races in the Midwest, but one race he was lacking a trophy from was the Glass City 200.

That changed Saturday night after a lengthy race at Ohio’s Toledo Speedway, which ended at lap 101 due to rain.

“It’s awesome to win this race,” said Roahrig.  “We have been so close, so many times. We’ve been on the pole; we’ve set track records here, but let me tell you winning this race is way better than any of those.” JR Roahrig stated.

JR Roahrig during practice at the Glass City 200. (Speed51.com photo)

JR Roahrig during practice at the Glass City 200. (Speed51.com photo)

Roahrig was one of the only two cars during practice that broke into the 14 second barrier; the other driver was Brian Ross who set the fast time in qualifying. JR Roahrig was fourth fast in qualifying, the inversion was a 12, putting Roahrig on the inside fifth row for the start of the race.

The race was stuck on lap 30 for four hours during a rain delay. Officials were able to get the track back, and continue with the race. The competition caution came out on lap 100. Half way through the allotted time for crew to make changes on their cars, the skies opened up again with more rain. It was already 1:00 in the morning and officials decided that they were not going to be able to get the track back at a reasonable time and made the race official.

The word came as an excitement to JR Roahrig and his crew and disappointment fell over the Jeff Ganus team.

Terry Senneker, Jr. came out the leader after the prolonged rain delay, it appeared that he would pick up his second Glass City 200 win until his car lost power and he had to pull his car pit-side. This handed the lead to Ganus and put Roahrig in second and Chad Finley in third. Finley quickly started losing spots as the car tightened up on him. Three laps to go before the 101 lap break JR Roahrig pulled a slide move and rocketed around Ganus taking over the lead. This move paid off since the ended the race at the break.

“The car started getting tight on us at the end and I had to drive it into the rumble strips just to get the car to turn, I knew the break was coming and knew that weather could be on the way so I had to make a run for it,” Roahrig said.  “I like racing with Ganus, we are good friends, I kept waiting to get around him and when he wiggled just enough I knew that was my time to go.”

Jeff Ganus is another well-known name for the Outlaw circuit. The Glass City 200 is on his bucket list and fell just short on Saturday.

“I didn’t really know more weather was coming, we were more focused on what we were going to change at the break to go out and get them the next 100 laps.”

Roahrig was in victory lane with son Tyler, who was injured in an accident at the beginning of the 2014 season at Anderson Speedway. He is greatly improving, even walking on his own without the assistance of a cane or crutches. He plans to be back in the car for the 2015 season.

– By Mikayla Kugler, Speed51.com Midwest Correspondent.  Photo credit: Speed51.com

Roahrig Checks the Glass City 200 Off the Bucket List