Moorseville, NC resident Brad Riethmeyer scored his first-ever win in the 50 lap ARCA Moran Chevrolet Late Model feature Saturday night at Flat Rock Speedway. Guy Fire also entered the history books with his first win in the DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stock main, while Robbie Loving posted the victory in the Praxair Figure 8 contest. Race Loving captured the wild “Road Rage” event.

The ARCA Moran Chevrolet Late Model 50 lap feature event finished in just over 10 minutes as the event ran without a yellow flag. The 7 car inversion put Brad Riethmeyer and Jeff Vrsek on the front row, with Brad getting the jump at the start to take the lead. Riethmeyer, a Texas native now living in North Carolina, put the #56 out front and zipped in and out of lapped traffic, with Frank Jiovani glued to his rear bumper. The lead duo stretched their advantage over the 20 car field with the non-stop action. Vrsek began to reel the pair in with about 15 laps to go but Riethmeyer was up to the challenge and took the win over Jiovani, Vrsek, Steve Cronenwett Jr. and Paul Pelletier. Vrsek’s 3rd place finish was his career-best at Flat Rock, while both Cronenwett and Pelletier moved up through the pack in the closing laps to take 4th and 5th, respectively. Stan Yee Jr., Derek Wiley, Terry Bogusz, Dennis Strickland and Chris Benson completed the top ten. Wiley set fast time at 11:688, with the heat race wins going to Brad Turner, Ron Allen and Riethmeyer.

Another new winner visited the 7-Up Winners Circle as recent-high school grad Guy Fire out-dragged Corey Duane in a 1 lap dash to the finish to win the 25 lap ARCA DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stock feature. The race was slowed by a total of 8 yellow flags. Landon Schuster grabbed the lead on the green flag and stayed there through a series of cautions. A lap 10 double-file restart put Schuster and Dan Ford Jr. side by side. The duo raced through turns 1 and 2 and down the backchute side by side, but touched wheels entering turn 4, sending both cars around on a perfect 2-car spin. Both went to the tail of the field, giving Fire the lead. Again, through several re-starts, Guy was able to hold the point, with Duane applying the pressure. The duo raced side by side on those restarts, with Fire taking the lead in the low groove coming off turn 4. With 1 to go, Craig Lange lost a wheel, stopping the action and setting up a 1 lap shootout. The pair again ran side by side with Fire nosing out front and Corey on the gas in the high lane, looping his car at the stripe as Fire grabbed the victory. Duane crossed the line backwards for second, Rob Moore was third, Scott Selmi fourth and Rich Frantz fifth. Ford Jr. made it back up to sixth spot, with Rich Abel, Kyle Worley, Brian Norton and Schuster completing the top ten. Heat race winners were Moore, Kevin Stepinski and Abel. Ford Jr.’s Fastime Racing Engine and Parts quick time was a lap of 13:536 for the 22 car field.

Robbie Loving passed his son, Race, on lap 3 and then held off a hard-charging Jeremy Miller to take the 20 lap ARCA Praxair Figure 8 feature, his second win of the season. Robbie was sailing along but Miller was on the move and made up a bunch of distance as he reeled in the leader. Robbie was able to hold on for the win, with Miller second, Race Loving third, Billy Earley fourth and Greg Studt fifth, followed by Dan Apperson, Dennis Whisman, Ethen Lambert, Scott Apperson, Ian Jezylo, Stephanie Bradley and Randy Roberts. Earley set the Fastime Racing Engines and Parts quick time at 21:016. Heat race winners were Race Loving and Dan Apperson.

Race Loving took the win in the first-ever “Road Rage” race at Flat Rock. The field followed pace truck driver Jack Franzil around the oval, on the Figure 8 track, running laps back and forth on portions of both tracks and then full laps until the pace truck pulled off of turn 4 of the oval for the 1 lap dash. Loving set sail as Dan Apperson and Ian Jezylo were challenging, only to have Apperson slide up into the wall and Jezylo making contact after having no place to go. Loving took the win over Chris Cox, Dennis Whisman, Derrick Denton, Stephanie Bradley, Apperson and Jezylo.

Saturday, June 28 is the popular Glass Unlimited Autograph Night at Flat Rock Speedway! Fans can walk onto the track and meet their favorite drivers at 6:15 p.m. The speedway will offer more great racing with the Moran Chevrolet Late Models, Praxair Figure 8’s and the DTS Drive Train Specialists Street Stocks. The pit gates open at 2:30, practice begins at 4, the front gates open at 4, time trials are at 5:15, the on-track autograph session is at 6:15 and race time is 7 p.m.

– Flat Rock Speedway Press Release

Photo Credit: Flat Rock Speedway

Riethmeyer, Fire Sail to First Flat Rock Speedway Wins