Richmond Honoring Jackie Boggs During Bluegrass Nationals

Richmond Raceway (KY) will honor the memory of a veteran Kentucky Dirt Late Model racer this weekend as part of the return of the Bluegrass Nationals.


Jackie Boggs, a longtime competitor from the Bluegrass State, passed away Saturday.  The son of National Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Jack Boggs, Jackie Boggs was a three-time race winner with both the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and World of Outlaws Late Models.


This Saturday, October 31, Richmond Raceway is hosting the return of the Bluegrass Nationals, featuring the ULTIMATE Heart of America Super Late Models.  Bill Lupinos, owner and promoter of Richmond Raceway, felt it was important to honor Boggs’ memory as part of the event.


“I did reach out to Andi and the family,” Lupinos said.  “We don’t want to do a Memorial race, because this was not his home track.  That should be left for one of his home tracks to run.  He did run with us five times last year, and once the year before that.”


Several teams have also stepped up to take part in honoring Boggs, beginning with the Dohm Racing team. Zack and Tim Dohm offered autographed door panels from their race cars to raffle in support of the Boggs family, inspiring other teams to do the same.


“We had a great idea from Dohm Racing.  They were giving us some door panels, autographed, to raffle off, with the proceeds going to the family. When I put that out, the Zack and Tim Dohm door panels, my phone went off.  We now have 11 door panels we are raffling off.”


The return of the Bluegrass Nationals was announced when the ULTIMATE Super Late Models were at Richmond Raceway for the Paul “Butterball” Wooldridge Memorial in September.  The event originally took place at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway, which closed in 2015.


“We’ve been around here for three years, but I’ve done my homework and research.  We knew that back in the day of Kentucky Lake Speedway, the Bluegress Nationals were a very big event.


“I got in touch with D.J. Irvine at FASTRAK and ULTIMATE, knowing he used to work down there, and he got in touch with them to see if it was okay to revive the event and the name.  They were all-in on the idea, so we had a new logo made up and we’re launching it back into action this Saturday.”


With the event taking place on Halloween, there will also be activities planned to celebrate the occasion during an intermission before feature racing.


“We’re going to start right at 5 p.m.  It’s going to be a quick show, just running the Late Models and Modifieds.  Our intermission is going to be Halloween-themed, with our fire department sponsoring a costume contest and drivers bringing candy for trick-or-treating on the frontstretch.  Then we’ll do the raffle and roll right into features.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Richmond Honoring Jackie Boggs During Bluegrass Nationals