Resolution Reached on Hamner Super Late Model Engine

Officials from Hamner Racing Engines (HRE) released details Thursday of their resolution to recent S.E.A.L issues with their sealed Super Late Model engine. Following additional testing with multiple parties present, HRE has received approval for an intake change which will bring their sealed engine to the proper performance level agreed to by all parties.


Additionally, the parties further tested the restrictor package put in place until all the intakes can be replaced on their engines.


According to HRE’s Jeff Hamner, “Our testing on Monday revealed that this new intake met the goals that we had as a company as well as those of the S.E.A.L. organization. Additionally, we found that the restrictor package that S.E.A.L. previously announced performs almost identical to the performance we have with the new intake, so our teams will be able to compete at the highest levels of performance in the interim. Teams have already won with this restrictor package and will continue to do so until we get these intakes swapped out for everyone.”


HRE will be releasing details soon about the intake swap to all their teams.


HRE owner Justin Oertel noted, “We are still working on the plan to get the intakes changed out, and want to do it as fast as
we can. We are pleased with the effort the S.E.A.L group and Ricky Brooks have put forward and are happy that we all have a solution that maintains the proper competitive balance. No engine package is at a disadvantage with these recent decisions and we look forward to getting back to race track and winning races in the Hamner Racing Engines tradition.”


-Hamner Racing Engines Press Release

-Photo credit: Kodie Conner Racing

Resolution Reached on Hamner Super Late Model Engine