(Middlebourne, WV) – After much discussion below are the following rules amendments, additions, and/or revisions for the 2015 season that the Renegades of Dirt feel are in the best interest of the racers and the touring series. The following may also just be an extenuated clarification of the rules. A reminder that failure to pass tech for any reason can result in the disqualification from the event and the loss of any purse and/or points gained during the event.

Once again in 2015, a strong emphasis will be maintained to control the front end width. Maximum overall width, front or rear, shall not exceed 79” measured from outside of the tire to outside of the tire and from the top/center of the wheel. Tech tools MUST be able to slide directly over the front tires without the use of force!

Additionally as last season, for all Renegade of Dirt Modified Tour events, the use of any OPEN compound 8″ modified racing tire will be allowed on the FRONT ONLY. This includes both the left and right front tires. The tires may be siped and grooved, however chemically altering the tire by any means (treatments, etc.) is illegal and strictly enforced. The rear tires of the car which includes both the left and right rear tires only the use of an approved American Racer RoD PLATED SPEC TIRE 26.5/8.0 or 27.5/8.0 will be permitted. These tires may be siped and grooved, however chemically altering the tire by any means (treatments, etc.) is illegal and strictly enforced. Tire prep will be a key emphasis of tech this year, please don’t put your race team in a position that it will receive a negative image as the result of illegally prepping tires. Race teams will be mandated to review and sign our new tire testing sheet for the 2015 season. Download the sheet here to review; http://renegadesofdirt.com/?p=1775. For more information on the tires please read the tire PR here: http://renegadesofdirt.com/?p=1767.

Additionally, the tour will be continuing its stance on safety in 2015. Anyone who utilizes an approved HANS safety device and/or an approved full containment seat will be given a 30# weight break at all times. You must have an “H” on the front roof post at all times, the “H” should be white and at least 1” x 1”. Letters will be handed out to you at the event in the case you do not have one, but we recommended having them prior to racing with us.

A reminder in 2015 that all cars MUST run a front bumper on nose of the car and at least one loop must be visible outside the body. Cars with no front bumper outside the body will be deemed illegal. The front bumper must be made up of a minimum 1 1/4” round tubing or maximum 1 1/2” round tubing. The nose of the car should be constructed in which it fits inside the front frame horns plus 2” on each side as tolerance, building the nose of the car beyond that point can result in disqualification.

A rule change made in 2013 that will still be enforced strongly in 2015 without exceptions;
Maximum spoiler height is 5” which includes the entire surface area of the spoiler. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO TOLERANCE! Please be aware and come prepared to Renegade of Dirt Modified Touring shows with a 5” spoiler. We’ve given two years to adjust, please be prepared in 2015. The spoiler side supports are also a maximum 5” with a 1” tolerance.

Furthermore, the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour is also taking a first of it’s kind web based approach to the new technical inspection program in 2015. The Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour will feature a category on the website for tech bulletins, notes, tire prep results, and post-event tech inspection reports for most 2015 events. You can view the new “Tech HQ” here: http://renegadesofdirt.com/?page_id=1776.

The 2015 touring tech inspector for The Renegades of Dirt is Marty DeZalia. Marty will act as the technical director and his word should be used as final unless told by a Renegade of Dirt official otherwise. The Renegades of Dirt understands the importance of solid, fair, and firm tech and wants to reiterate to it’s racers that steps are being taken to ensure an equal playing field. A strict approach will continue to be taken in 2015 with anyone failing to conform to the rulebook. For the entire 2015 rule book please visit http://renegadesofdirt.com/?page_id=26.

For more information regarding the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour visit the Renegades of Dirt online at www.renegadesofdirt.com. You can also call Renegade Offices anytime for further information @ 304.771.5051. Like us on Faceb0ok at www.facebook.com/rodconnect or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/renegadesofdirt.

Story & Photo: Renegades of Dirt

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Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour 2015 Rules Released