The excitement of the 47th Annual Snowball Derby was seen by more people in more places than any previous edition of the nation’s most prestigious asphalt short track race. Between a capacity crowd and more watching the race’s first-ever live video broadcast on 51 TV, fans everywhere were thrilled by the door-banging action of the Snowball Derby on December 7.


Now, through a 51 TV on-demand replay of the 47th Annual Snowball Derby action, even more fans have the chance to witness all the thrills of this year’s crown jewel asphalt short track event.




Fans who purchased the live video event as either a stand-alone purchase for the December 7 race or the four-day live video package leading up to Snowball Derby Sunday can watch the on-demand replay for free now on  For those who were at the race and wish to re-live all the excitement, or perhaps for those fans who were not able to attend or view the race live, 51 TV is offering the on-demand replay for just $8.99 to new purchasers.


Featuring nine camera angles, an in-booth announce team of NASCAR broadcaster Bob Dillner and Adam Mackey, plus three pit road reporters and more, the on-demand replay will bring fans a unique chance to re-live all the Snowball Derby action.  From Grand Marshal Humpy Wheeler’s call to fire engines through a complete post-race recap of the Snowball Derby event, fans can experience the Snowball Derby again and again from the comfort of their own homes or through their mobile devices.


The on-demand replay is only available through and requires an internet connection to stream the entire broadcast.


To purchase and watch the 51 TV video replay of the 47th Annual Snowball Derby, click here:


– 51 Sports/Snowball Derby press release

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Re-Live the Snowball Derby Action On-Demand With 51 TV