The Redbud 300 at Indiana’s Anderson Speedway on June 14 saw just about everything a fan can witness in a short track event.  It had slicing-and-dicing for the lead throughout the race.  It had a good mix of talent from all points on the compass.  The race featured some spectacular on-track incidents that still are being talked about by those who witnessed them either in person or on the 51 TV broadcast.

Beginning Monday, June 23, fans will have a chance to re-live all the action from the Redbud 300 thanks to a rebroadcast of the 51 TV live video presentation.

Those who registered for a account and purchased the live broadcast on June 14 can watch the replay of the Redbud 300 for free beginning June 23.  Fans wishing to re-live the memories made at the track and those who were unable to witness it live can purchase the replay version of the event for just $9.99.

“This year’s Redbud 300 was memorable for many reasons and we were proud to make it our first venture into the live video realm with 51 TV,” said Bob Dillner, NASCAR on FOX broadcaster and the lead commentator for 51 TV’s Redbud 300 broadcast.  “We’ve received overwhelmingly positive response from the short track industry on our Redbud broadcast and we have even more big things in store for future events.  But we know there were plenty of racers and fans who were at the track on Redbud race day who want to see what they missed from their seats, plus there are others who weren’t able to attend or tune in last weekend.  That’s why we’re excited to offer up this replay of the race”

Beginning Monday, June 23, will feature a Redbud 300 Replay graphic leading fans to a page to log in to their account if they purchased the live broadcast to watch the replay for free.  Those who did not purchase the live event can purchase the replay for just $9.99 by using the same graphic on will be announcing its next 51 TV live pay-per-view broadcast in the coming weeks.



– Photo credit: Renee Thomas

Re-Live 51 TV Redbud Excitement on 51 TV on Monday