Oswego, NY — Due to inclement weather and an unfavorable forecast that may have prevented the running of the 66th Annual Race of Champions at Oswego (NY) Speedway in its entirety, Race of Champions management, in conjunction with Oswego Speedway management elected to move the race to Saturday, October 29. All rain checks (tickets) and wristbands from the September 17 postponement will be honored when racing resumes on October 29.


“This is an unfortunate situation,” stated Race of Champions promoter Joe Skotnicki, “but with the information we were given and formulated from people who have been at Oswego for many years, it was the decision we were forced to make. We understand the frustration of those who were present. We all have an investment in this event, some of it is very substantial. We also have a commitment to carry on the legacy of a 66-year old tradition that we are trying to rebuild.”


“We recognize that in this type of situation that you are not going to make anyone happy, it is as simple as that,” continued Skotnicki. “We extend a sincere apology to the folks who understand and conducted themselves in a professional manner following yesterday’s announcement at the track. We will make the event up. We will strive to bring our fans and teams the event that it should and will be.”


Skotnicki, who has been involved for many years with asphalt and dirt racing promotion, continued, “There will always be naysayers. People thrive on the negative. It is our job to work around that nonsense and make the event all it can be. There has already been interest from other teams regarding the October 29th date. We will add to the field through a B-Main if there is enough interest and we have the ability to potentially increase the fields.”


John Torrese of Oswego Speedway management assured Race of Champions management that DIRTcar had already committed to a removal and clean-up process that will begin shortly after the Super DIRT Week event, giving Oswego Speedway management nearly three weeks to be ready for the Race of Champions event on Saturday, October 29th.


Two veteran Race of Champions drivers have offered their own point of view. “I watched the weather from early in the week and all day on Saturday,” stated Chuck Hossfeld of Ransomville, N.Y., he continued, “The first rain was supposed to come between 3 and 5 pm, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but the next big rain was coming around 9 pm so any delay during the day was going to be an issue. The race is too important to all of us to have it shortened or delayed. The decision to postpone the race is not an easy one, but probably the right one. We knew the weather was going to be an issue beginning Monday. My Father cancelled his trip from Florida because of the weather and he loves this race. Unfortunately, no one can control the weather.”


“Tonight’s Race of Champions 250 was postponed until Saturday, October 29th,” stated Rusty Smith of Oxford, N.Y., in a statement he made on social media and gave Race of Champions management permission to use in this release. “I spoke with several teams throughout the day about the lack of support by the fans and drivers at this race. We all agreed it would be wise to postpone this race. We as owners and drivers need this Series to be a success. Without the Series there will be 30-40 teams that have cars and nowhere to race. The 34 Smith Racing Team fully understands and values the decision to take another shot at making this race the success it needs to be so we can continue to race these asphalt Modifieds further into the future. Thanks RoC and Oswego Speedway staffs.”


-Race of Champions Press Release

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com/Mojo Photos

Rain Postpones Race of Champions 250 to Late October