Lyle Clark grew up with a passion for racing.  As a kid, he used to go to Knoxville Speedway in Iowa every Saturday night to watch his uncle race.  A few years later he jumped behind the wheel.


“I have raced myself almost every class of kart in IKF, WKA, and KART, winning local, regional and national championships,”said Lyle Clark.


After his racing days were over, Clark started his own computer company.  Then, ten years ago, he saw his racing world and professional world collide when he saw a problem and wanted to fix it.


“In late 2004, I had a buddy get his race trailer broken into twice,”said Clark.  “At the time, I owned a computer company and was interested in another line of work. With my internet and computer background, I did research for trailer security companies and they were hard to find. I officially started in Feb. 2005 with financial backing from my other company, and that began the process.”


During the last five years Trailer Alarms has seen slow, but steady growth, including the acquisition of one of the alarm companies they were selling and moving their operation from North Carolina to the Trailer Alarms Headquarters in Texas.


With displays at PRI and local events across the country, Clark continues to reach out and educate people about trailer security.


“I have also written two articles for a drag racing magazine based out of Canada,”said Clark, “And would like to extend a hand to those looking for help. Not to make a buck, but I hate thieves.”


Because of their commitment to customer service and top quality products, Clark and Trailer Alarms go the extra mile to make sure customers receive the best security available. Many times that means creating custom security packages and personal verification.


“We don’t sell alarms, locks, and GPS just to make a buck,”said Clark.  “We test everything. If it doesn’t meet my approval for me to use personally, I won’t sell it. We specialize in mobile and portable security products, and not as a side portion.”


While Trailer Alarms was born through the eyes of a racer and specializes in trailer security, its capabilities go beyond that and can be put to use by a wide variety of customers.


“If it moves, we can pretty much lock it down,”said Clark.  “Our alarms flash the running lights, sound sirens and also lock the electric brakes. Options include GPS and notifying you if the alarm is activated.”


As Trailer Alarms celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Clark is excited about the future.  Now employing engineers to help with certain security solutions, there is a lot to build on in the coming years.


“Over the next 5 years, we hope to expand that part of the operation to include certain technologies,”said Clark.  “We plan to continue developing locks for applications that require a higher level of security. At the present, we have 10 websites relating to security products.”


To learn more about Trailer Alarms and all the services they offer visit

-Jana Wimmer, Director of Business, Twitter: @JWimm22

Racing Roots Fuel Trailer Alarms Company Focus