Golden Sands Speedway (WI) will enter the 2017 season under new ownership.  After 22 years, Darrel and Shela Bassuener have sold the Plover, WI race track to Cody Smiley.  A racer himself, Smiley is excited to step-up to the plate and help keep the Midwest track alive.


“My decision to purchase Golden Sands Speedway came from my passion for the sport,” Smiley told powered by JEGS.  “Racing is more than a hobby to some, it’s a passion that ignites a drive to do the impossible, that is what racing is to me a passion. It has been common knowledge that Golden Sands Speedway has been for sale for a number of years and I could not take the thought of losing such a historic race track, so about six months ago I set out on the journey to ensure that Golden Sands Speedway would forever captivate audiences with great racing action.”


Smiley raced Super Late Models the past five years and calls Golden Sands Speedway his home track.  His family has always been involved in his racing career and now the 29-year-old Wisconsin native is excited to embark on his next journey and already has begun planning for a big first year as the new owner.


“Next year marks the 50th anniversary for Golden Sands Speedway, that’s 50 years of great racing action,” Smiley stated.  “The shows will be bigger, the prizes will be larger and the racing will be greater than ever before.”


Smiley also said that racing will continue to be held on Friday nights and he is actively working to get a 2017 schedule release, but remains mum on what divisions will take to the ¼-mile track next year.


“With this being the 50th anniversary I want the schedule to be perfect,” said Smiley.  “I cannot leak the divisions yet, that’s half the fun of waiting for the schedule.”


While plans for the 2017 season are still in the works, Smiley knows there will be challenges as he steps into his new role.  Half the battle will be bringing his ideas to life, but drivers and fans are excited to see what is in store for the future of Golden Sands Speedway.


“The biggest challenge that I see before me is trying to get all the ideas bouncing around in my head onto paper and into production,” said Smiley.  “That’s also what I am most excited about, I have so many ideas that I get to try.”


Driver Mark Mackesy competed at the track on multiple occasions under the ownership of the Prueser’s and made a lot of racing memories at the track.


Hard to believe it’s been 22 years. Lots of memories there.  Golden Sands always has been a nice facility going back to Sam Bartus.  Prueser’s took it to the next level in the late 80’s early 90’s,” Mackesy said.  “Darrell and Sheila added an extra touch paving the track, pits, scale room and adding new concession stands, VIP area and all the little extras.


“One of my fondest memories at Golden Sands was racing with my dad and Tom Reffner there in Bassuener’s first year running the track in 1994.  We have a nice picture of my dad and myself first and second in time.”


Like many in the Wisconsin racing community, Mackesy wishes Smiley the best and hopes to compete at the track again in the future.


“I’m wishing the Smileys the best of luck. If all goes well, I’ll be down there to race for them!”


-By Jana Wimmer, Midwest Correspondent – Twitter: @JWimm22

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Racer’s Passion Leads Him to Purchase of Wisconsin Track