Seven years ago began as a part-time venture for Kevin Shaw and his wife, Laura. Business wasn’t exactly booming, but Laura worked for Macy’s as a corporate swimsuit planner and Kevin was a building contractor. Everything changed when the recession came; Laura was laid off from Macy’s and the world of construction took quite the hit. So, Kevin and Laura turned their full-time attention to shifting the business model and growing

“We decided that the only way to survive both personally and in the racing industry, was to retool our business model and offer racers the most affordable race gear available,” Kevin Shaw told powered by JEGS. “Which might lack some of the styling or high end features, but offer equivalent safety protection.”

Fast-forward to 2015 and has outfitted over 15,000 racers throughout the United States and Canada. They’ve also expanded the products they offer as they continue to grow their business.

“We have expanded our products beyond personal safety gear to include full containment race seats, window nets, fire suppression systems, and seat belts,” said Shaw, “and most recently race car steering wheels from DRIVEN and MPI Innovations, hence our tagline, ‘Performance Parts For The Driver!’”

Not only does RaceDaySafety offer great options, but what they pride themselves on is their extensive inventory, with 95-percent of what you see on their website being actually in-stock and ready to ship right away. This means quick service to customers and sometimes deals on shipping costs.

“At, each order is typically pulled, verified and packed at our Dallas, Georgia warehouse,” said Shaw. “Even if a customer has ordered products from multiple manufacturers, they ship in the same package, as all the items are on our shelves. This allows us to offer the racer either free or discounted shipping because there is no need to send three or four separate boxes.”

And it’s not just their business that has been successful, but the Shaw’s relationship as well. The two made sure to communicate and define roles as they ventured into business together. Laura primarily handles the financial side of the business as well as product inventory, ordering and customer service, while Kevin’s duties are more centered around the warehouse, which includes packing, as well as marketing, advertising and social media.

“Laura and I have always had a strong relationship that was actually strengthened by joining forces at,” said Shaw. “We did so by defining our roles within the business, although many times, by necessity, our responsibilities overlap.
We also have a small army of nieces and nephews who have provided everything from part-time warehouse assistance to modeling products during photo shoots.”

When you combine the Shaw’s passion and focus on their business with the success and growth the company has seen in the last five years, the future looks bright for and plans are already in the works to support the needed growth.

“Already bursting at the seams with inventory, RaceDaySafety will need to expand the warehouse and offices within the next year or so,” said Shaw. “We have also begun to introduce some of the ‘higher end’ manufacturers to the product selection. Although, we tend to stock the ‘high end’ manufacturers more affordable lines, as we never want to lose sight of our original goal, which is providing racers with the most affordable products possible.”

Check out for more information on their business and the products offered.

-Jana Wimmer Director of Business, Twitter: @JWimm22 A Family Business Seeing Big Returns