No. Stonington, CT — This sport is not dead. What this sport needs is revival.


Those words come from OTB Promotions Executive Vice President Josh Vanada, when asked what he hopes to accomplish with this company.


“(Our sport) has changed because our culture has changed, and our economy recessed. Unfortunately, we, as a community, failed to change with it. OTB is going to strive to be the catalysts of change, promoting this industry for all that it offers, and, therefore, safeguarding us from such future complacency.”


Step back to the beginning of OTB Promotions. Vanada, working on building the 1.7 mile road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, met Lou Gingerella, who was a consultant on the road course renovation. In discussion, Gingerella expressed interest in hosting an event, and Vanada explained his love for promotion. “Lou and I are like-minded when it comes to our philosophies on motorsports, and business. It’s really a fun partnership,” expressed Vanada.


Enter Shawn Sicard. Vanada needed means to communicate in the industry, something he feels is not his strong-suit. “I knew from our past interactions, Shawn had the creativity and ingenuity to not only keep people interested in our product, but to impart to them the great passion we have for this game.”


Sicard has been on both sides of the fence in the industry, and understands the parameters of the sport, through both spectrums. “Racers just want to be treated fairly. Management wants a successful industry. Fans want a product they can care about, and be proud of a once-thriving sport.”


What the trio have in common is a love of the sport. The undeniable addiction that comes from growing up around the industry. The will to step up, and bring new ideas to the table. To create entertainment and excitement in the racing world that fuels our passion, and to pass that passion along to others. To most of us, racing is a hobby, a form of entertainment, but there is no group of people as passionate about a sport as the racing family. “Some of the finest, most genuine, and passionate people that I have ever met are motorsports enthusiasts,” Vanada proclaims. “The relationships that are formed in this sport are long-lasting and deep. They are authentic, and many times, self-sacrificing. Rivals one moment, friends the next. Crew members working until 3am to make sure the driver’s ready to be at the track at 7am when the gates open.”


“To me racing is an opportunity to find out what you’re made of,” feels Gingerella. “Racing is special because you are pushing yourself beyond where you think you can go.”


This is why OTB Promotions will strive to bring new ideas to the industry, and combine with existing ideas, to recreate the passion and drive that racers, fans, and management need for this sport to succeed in the future. The trio at OTB Promotions remember what is was like growing up around racing, looking up to drivers as heroes, the excitement of arriving at a race track, and the memories surrounding this sport. OTB Promotions will strive to bring fun and innovation back to the sport, while bringing fresh, new ideas to the industry. The only question left, is what will OTB Promotions come up with next?


-OTB Promotions Press Release

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