The Speed51 Short Track Draft presented by PFC Brakes is almost upon us.  The draft ballot has been released, the expert panelists are able to vote, and now so too are the fans.  That’s right, you the fans can also have a say on who gets drafted number-1 this year.


Don’t know how to vote?  Well that’s okay because we’re going to tell you.  It’s really quite simple.


There’s two ways to vote.  Fans can vote via our PFC Brakes Twitter, or they can vote on our Five Star Facebook Page.


On Twitter, name the driver of your choice from our ballot and be sure to use the hashtag #STDraft and tag @PFCBrake for your vote to count.  You can vote as much as you want for any driver you want from our ballot that can be seen here.


On Facebook, head over to our page and write in your vote in the comments section of the pinned post at the top of the page..


Simple, right?


Voting begins tonight at 5 p.m. ET and will run through Sunday, April 24, so do your duty and get out there and vote often!


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Race Fans Can Have Voice Heard by Voting in #STDraft