Kyle Purvis battled through lap traffic to but was uncontested for the win as he led every lap in the caution free Run for the Gun 50 for the ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour season finale at Winchester Speedway in Winchester, Indiana.

Purvis took the lead at the green flag and had up to a nearly three second lead on Jonathan Martin with 10 laps to go in the 50-lap event. Martin tried to chase down the leader as Purvis tried to weave his way around the lap traffic.

The lap traffic allowed Martin to get within 1.5 seconds, but that was about as close as Martin would get to Purvis as the checkered flag flew.

“The car was really great, the crew hit it on the head with the setup,” Purvis said after the race. “We started in a good spot and got a really clean start to get out and stay out front.”

Purvis had a little concern about the lap traffic in the final laps.

“The lap traffic was really, really tough. I thought a couple of guys were going to wreck there in the end,” Purvis said. “We just took it easy, cause we had a good lead on everybody. My spotter just told me to keep my eyes glued out front.”

Martin was hoping the lap traffic would allow him to catch Purvis and challenge for the lead, but didn’t get the lucked need to accomplish it.

“It’s a little disappointing to come that close, because we were chasing down the leader pretty fast,” Martin said. “The lap cars were just terrible and I am sure they were for Purvis as well. But man that was a great run.”

Greg Fullerton was third and Jeff Lane was fourth. Damon Breedlove rounds out the top five.

Chad Poole wins the 2014 ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour championship. ( photo)

Chad Poole wins the 2014 ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour championship. ( photo)

Chad Poole finished 10th to claim the 2014 ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour championship.

“We had a heck of a year. I can’t thank my help enough as I would not have been able to do it without them,” Poole said after the race. “I didn’t expect this going to all of the different tracks this year and having this much success. Thank you all!”

Poole also thanked the series for their hard work and support this season.

The Top Speed Modified Tour saw a huge growth in 2014 and their future plans look promising. More information on the series can be found at

Top Speed Modified Feature Event Results
1 13 Kyle Purvis
2 30 Jonathan Martin
3 05 Greg Fullerton
4 26 Jeff Lane
5 0 Damon Breedlove
6 95 Derrick Griffin
7 11 Brian Nester
8 7D Matt Dimit
9 10 Herb Johnson
10 12 Chad Poole
11 20 Herb Johnson
12 8 Bob Sibila
13 77 Kevin Doran
14 88 Travis Stepp
15 9N RJ Norton
16 7T Scott Tomasik
17 24 Cory Setser
18 22 Scott Reeser
19 22S Brad Springer
20 14 Tim Burkett
21 2 Shane Shirk
22 28 Terry Fisher Jr
23 53 Eldon Zachek
24 12N Dave Nester

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Purvis Goes Wire-To-Wire For the Top Speed Gun at Winchester