Late Models and Modifieds hit the track at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Speedway for Practice Day at the Icebreaker.  The day was largely uneventful and saw the usual suspects at the top of the practice charts.


Three-time NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national champion Lee Pulliam turned in the fastest time for the Late Model Stock Cars with a lap of 20.670 seconds.  Pulliam’s fast lap came in the middle of the day when the track was at its warmest on a really cold day.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)Tommy Lemons, the defending winner of the Icebreaker 200, got up to third fastest during the third practice session, with a time of 20.909 and that was as much as he could muster out of his No. 27 car.


Brian Vause, a local driver paced the field in the fourth session, topping both Pulliam and Snider with a time of 20.787.


Sam Yarbrough, a two-time track champion at Myrtle Beach, said he was upset with his runs early in the day.


“It was pretty bad, upsetting at first, we threw some stuff at it and everything we did was a plus,” Yarbrough told powered by JEGS.  “I think we are in decent shape, maybe a top five.”

Lee Pulliam had the fastest lap for the Late Models on Friday. ( photo)

Lee Pulliam had the fastest lap for the Late Models on Friday. ( photo)

With the air temperature supposed to reach the mid-50’s, about 10-15 degrees warmer than Friday, Yarbrough said he hopes the track slickens up to aide the changes his team made today.


Meanwhile, Myatt Snider felt that his No. 2 machine was pretty sporty and should be solid for Saturday’s 125-lap race.


“The car is pretty good, we made a lot of changes and now I’m pretty happy with it, the track changes with temperature and loses grip but makes it more fun,” said Snider.


In the Modified division the entry list is packed with champions with like four-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champ Doug Coby, 2013 champion Ryan Preece, 2016 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour champion Burt Myers, 2011

Myatt Snider was near the top of the charts for much of Friday's practices. ( photo)

Myatt Snider was near the top of the charts for much of Friday’s practices. ( photo)

NWMT champion Ron Silk and nine-time RoC Asphalt Modified Tour champion Matt Hirschman.


The Myers brothers arrived during the second session of the day, and didn’t take time until the third for a plethora of reasons, according to Jason Myers.


“We ran down here the last couple of years so we didn’t really need a whole lot of practice. We just wanted to shake the cars down and if we practice too much we would be running through too many practice tires, and I had work this morning so we really couldn’t get out here until just now.”


Despite arriving late, both Jason and Burt said they believe they can win in a stacked field of drivers.


After a year of running the NASCAR Xfinity Series took Ryan Preece away from the Modifieds full-time, Preece spent much of Friday just tinkering with his race car to learn what it could do.  Even still, Preece found himself near the top of the charts throughout much of the day.


“Last year I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with this car. There has been a lot of different things I have wanted to try, and these last two days we have been doing different things and finding out how this car reacts. We feel like we worked on some things for the NWMT race when we come back here later this year. The track is really abrasive on tires, and not like anything we raced on last year.”


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-By Reese Nobles, Mid-Atlantic Correspondent

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Late Model Stock Car Practice Results:

Pos # Driver Time
1 5 Lee Pulliam 20.670
2 2 Myatt Snider 20.922
3 5C Tyler English 21.014
4 61 Justin Hicks 21.163
5 16 Colby Howard 21.223
6 30 Brian Vause 21.277
7 83 Jeremy Mcdowell 21.289
8 32 Jerry Miracle 21.296
9 32G Brandon Grosso 21.334
10 95 Chad McCumbee 21.360
11 98 BJ Mackey 21.417
12 27 Tommy Lemons 21.462
13 44A TJ Barron 21.470
14 20 Sam Yarbrough 21.499
15 9 Luke Sorrow 21.510
16 10 Ed Willism 21.551
17 94 Jamie Weatherford 21.573
18 44 Justin Johnson 21.625
19 56 Robert Powell 21.637
20 8 Tyler Hughes 21.656
21 18 Ty Gibbs 21.898


Tour-type Modified Practice Results:

Pos # Driver Time
1 5 Kyle Ebersole 19.811
2 77 Jimmy Blewett 20.047
3 6 Ryan Preece 20.096
4 82 Ron Silk 20.175
5 17 Richie Pallai Jr. 20.240
6 60 Matt Hirschman 20.345
7 79 Doug Meservey Jr. 20.441
8 4 Jason Myers 20.442
9 1 Burt Myers 20.507
10 71 Jimmy Zacharias 21.126
11 39NJ Calvin Carroll 21.594

Pulliam, Preece, Snider Find Plenty of Speed at Myrtle Beach