Lee Pulliam pulled into Myrtle Beach Speedway this weekend for the CARS Tour race with one goal in mind – redemption – and he did just that. Pulliam battled his way through a stout field of competitors and scored his first career CARS Tour win at the big half-mile South Carolina track.


“It’s awesome to be able to win down here against the CARS Tour field,” Pulliam said. “I always get jazzed up for a win, whether it’s a local, weekly show or one of these big shows, a win is a win no matter how you look at it. Plus, we ran dead last for 40 laps and still won, so that’s something to be pretty excited about.”


Pulliam explained that didn’t quite start the weekend off on the right foot.


“We’ve had a terrible weekend thus far, that’s for sure,” Pulliam said. “Our generator messed up, we couldn’t get the car out of the hauler. I stayed and worked on the generator until one in the morning. We had to have a trailer help us get the car out of the hauler so we could race today and we didn’t have any tools, then we didn’t have the best qualifying run that we could have had.”


In knockout qualifying, Pulliam was not able to advance to the final round and would start from the 21st position. He dropped to the rear of field early on, but when the crossed-flags were shown marking halfway, he had maneuvered his way into ninth.


“Running in the back of the pack for the first half of the race was a strategy because it had to be,” Pulliam said. “I knew if I raced hard from the get-go I would be in trouble later in the race because of the tire wear.”


Pulliam then continued his surge through the field and picked off competitors one-by-one.


“I knew I didn’t have much tires left after I got into second,” Pulliam said. “I was doing everything I could to run down Ronald Hill. I saw he started getting free towards the end, as did I, so that was some pretty hard racing there.”


Pulliam was able to make the pass around Ronald Hill at lap 90 and picked up another Myrtle Beach win and his first career CARS Tour win.


Ronald Hill (74) receives some contact from Lee Pulliam as they battled for the win at Myrtle Beach. (Speed51.com photo)

“Tire wear and our qualifying effort made us play a strategy I wasn’t use to,” Pulliam said. “We won here 14 out of 17 races last year and always ran in the top-five, but today we had a totally different strategy and it still put us in victory lane.”


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-By Madison Mabry, Speed51.com Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @MadisonMabry23

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com


CARS Late Model Stock Tour 100

Myrtle Beach Speedway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Unofficial Results

1 5p Lee Pulliam

2 74 Ronald Hill

3 44 Justin Johnson

4 88 Josh Berry

5 22m Bobby McCarty

6 O7 Bradley McCaskill

7 51C Matt Cox

8 20 Sam Yarbrough

9 2h Cody Haskins

10 2p Brandon Pierce

11 99 Layne Riggs

12 16h Colby Howard

13 1m Craig Moore

14 O8 Deac McCaskill

15 9 Sam Mayer

16 14 Ryan Repko

17 12J Joe Graf Jr.

18 7 Justin Crider

19 95 Jacob Heafner

20 1 Bryant Barnhill

21 57 Justin Carroll

22 18 Ty Gibbs

23 22 Grayson Cullather

24 5c Dexter Canipe Jr.

25 27 Craig Stallard

26 77 Trevor Ward

27 9w Charlie Watson

Pulliam Goes From Worst to First to Get CARS Tour Victory