Prunty Performs in Slinger 75

Slinger, Wis., — The box score shows Alex Prunty nearly led every lap of the Race for Autism Awareness 75-lap super late model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway but the victory was anything but easy as he had to fend off numerous challenges from Brad Mueller before taking the checkered flag.

“The track was really tight during practice and my team made a great adjustment after qualifying,” Prunty said from victory lane, “It was the first time we missed the fast dash all year so we didn’t get to see if the changes worked but they sure did.”

“I was going all out,” Prunty continued describing the multiple laps he ran side by side battling for the lead with Brad Mueller, “I had a blast racing with such a clean guy like Brad and we ran side by side for a majority of the laps without touching and that seems to be the motto at Slinger this year…clean racing,”

“I think my car might have grew stagger after that last restart,” Brad Mueller explained following his third consecutive runner-up finish, “It ran free and I couldn’t get off the corner the way I wanted to and Alex was real good on the top.”

“Ever since they sprayed the top, it’s been pretty hard to pass on the bottom, “ Mueller continued referring to the traction compound being placed in the upper lane of the speedway to open up an outside groove, “Maybe next week they’ll spray the bottom but my crew doesn’t give up, my car owner doesn’t give up, my family doesn’t give up and there is no better place to race than Slinger Speedway.”

Alex Prunty and R.J. Braun led the field to the green flag and the inside lane proved to be advantageous in the early going as Prunty and third-starting Steve Apel charged to the top two spots using the low groove. Conrad Morgan filled the third spot and Brad Mueller moved to fourth as the outside lane starters, Braun and Brad Keith raced for fifth. The caution flag waved early on lap four when Keith’s car looped around off turn four and Prunty chose the high lane for the restart. Steve Apel fought for the lead valiantly for a few laps in the inside lane but could never clear Prunty who was able to maintain the top spot from the outside. The upper groove eventually prevailed and Brad Mueller and Grant Griesbach both used it to pass Apel and take over second and third respectively. Conrad Morgan held the fifth spot just ahead of Rich Loch as farther back Brad Keith began to march forward from deep in the field. Mueller took a few stabs at the lead from the inside but each time Prunty was able to fend him off while Griesbach and Apel looked on. The caution flag waved again on lap 26 when R.J. Braun’s and Brad Keith’s cars hooked together in turn one and slid into the wall.

As racing resumed, the top four raced in two by two formation with Mueller edging Prunty for the lead barely on one lap before Prunty regained the advantage off the corners on the next while Apel and Griesbach remained side by side in their tire tracks. Prunty eventually cleared Mueller for sole possession of the top spot while Griesbach moved ahead of Apel for third. As the laps wound down, Conrad Morgan had the fastest car on the track and he ran down Apel to take fourth and followed that up by muscling his way around Griesbach for third a few laps later. As the leaders worked lapped traffic, Morgan was able to close in but time was running out with Prunty maintain the lead over Mueller. Prunty drove to the victory ahead of Mueller while Morgan finished a strong third. Apel took the checkered flag in fourth while Rich Loch used a late surge to finish fifth while Griesbach experienced a mechanical issue and left the track on the final lap. Nick Wagner finished sixth followed by Mike Held and Tim Lampman in seventh and eighth respectively. Chris Blawat and Jacob Vanoskey rounded out the top ten.

Steve Apel won the super late model fast dash and Brad Mueller blistered the speedway in qualifying by turning in a lap at 11.190 seconds to become the fastest qualifier.

Jacob Nottestad scored his seventh feature win following a wild 40-lap late model main event.

Nottestad and Jack Stern fought side by side for the lead in the final laps with Stern on the inside and Nottestad working the outside. With two laps to go, Stern’s car bobbled slightly in between turns three and four and when contact was made with Nottestad’s car, it spun around to set up a green, white, checkered finish. Stern utilized the “tap out” rule in effect taking blame for the incident and allowing Nottestad to retain his position, which was the lead, for the restart. During the final two laps, second-running Jerry Mueller appear to suffer a tire issue and the field scattered as he fought to control his car, allowing Nottestad to drive away out front. Nottestad took the victory while Ryan Craine sliced his way through the chaos to finish a career-best second place while Zach Prunty also scored a career-best finish in third. Brian Holtz crossed the finish line in fourth place followed by Tom Berens in fifth.

The hobby stock class from the Jefferson Speedway competed at Slinger for the first time this season as part of a special two-day event and Phillip Wuesthoff won the 25-lap feature over Chris Flairty and Scott Riedner. Jim Tate Jr. finished fourth and Christian Janssen was fifth. Jordan Egli won the first hobby  stock heat race and Phillip Wuesthoff won the second heat race in a photo-finish with Scott Riedner. Jared Vike was the fastest qualifier with a lap at 13. 851 seconds which was a new track record.

Kyle Stark won the 25-lap Super Beez feature as he passed Rick Schaefer late in the event to pick up the win. Schaefer finished second followed by George Seliger and Scott Hoeft in third and fourth place respectively. Todd Buckley finished fifth. Matt Urban won the Super Beez semi-feature over Josh Tanquay and Joe Cross. Zach Greer finished fourth and Todd Snow finished fifth. Super Beez heat races were won by Joe Cross, Jason Uttech, and Kyle Stark while Steve Zoromski was the fastest qualifier at 13.578 seconds.

Team Fogel won the Team Cruiser race while Tara Fick won the first Bar Car race and Dan O. was the winner of the second Bar Car event. Ryan Lovald won the Figure 8 race over Bill Shavlik.



75 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Uptown Motors

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 1 Alex Prunty Lomira, WI 11P
2 7 Brad Mueller Random Lake, WI 89M
3 5 Conrad Morgan Waukesha, WI 92M
4 3 Steve Apel West Bend, WI 51A
5 8 Rich Loch Muskego, WI 55L
6 9 Nick Wagner Hartford, WI 38W
7 12 Mike Held Hartford, WI 72H
8 11 Tim Lampman Oak Creek, WI 9L
9 10 Chris Blawat Palmyra, WI 26B
10 13 Jacob Vanoskey Hartford, WI 84V
11 14 Patrick McIntee West Bend, WI 35M
12 6 Grant Griesbach Waukesha, WI 17G
13 2 RJ Braun Wales, WI 92B
14 4 Brad Keith Slinger, WI 48K
15 15 James Swan Genoa City, WI 97S
16 16 Larry Epright East Troy, WI 20E



40 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 8 Jacob Nottestad Stoughton, WI 97N
2 9 Ryan Craine Hartford, WI 99C
3 3 Zach Prunty Lomira, WI 39P
4 5 Brian Holtz Muskego, WI 88H
5 6 Tom Berens Slinger, WI 99B
6 13 Tyler Hromadka Brookfield, WI 3H
7 11 Jerry Eckhardt Johnson Creek, WI 61E
8 2 Jerry Mueller Richfield, WI 49M
9 14 Tom Jasinski Pewaukee, WI 46J
10 7 Jack Stern Slinger, WI 26S
11 4 Tyler Schley Richfield, WI 55S
12 10 Ryan Gutknecht Oak Creek, WI 01G
13 16 Mitchell Haver West Bend, WI 13M
14 12 Dan Jung Iron Ridge, WI 68J
15 15 Adam Peschek Oconomowoc, WI 16P
16 1 Zach Braun Slinger, WI 30B



25 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Foolery’s Liquid Therapy

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 7 Kyle Stark Waterloo, WI 192S
2 1 Rick Schaefer Hartford, WI 3S
3 3 George Seliger Wausau, WI 06S
4 6 Scott Hoeft Watertown, WI 00H
5 2 Todd Buckley West Bend, WI 8B
6 9 Tim Finstad Poynette, WI 33F
7 4 George Sparkman Loves Park, IL 5S
8 8 Steve Zoromski Slinger, WI 20Z
9 10 Brandon Tackes West Bend, WI 24B
10 15 Matt Urban Milwaukee, WI 48U
11 13 Paul Reagles Colgate, WI 25R
12 12 Merek Pankow Jefferson, WI 64P
13 14 Jason Uttech Watertown, WI 36U
14 18 Zach Greer Slinger, WI 44G
15 16 Josh Tanquay Fort Atkinson, WI 9T
16 5 Gary Stark Fort Atkinson, WI 35S
17 (DNF) 11 Josh Rusch Helenville, WI 92R
18 (DNF) 17 Joe Cross Sun Praire, WI 67C


A Feature 1


Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 6 Ryan Lovald Muskego, WI 67L
2 8 Bill Shavlik West Bend, WI 0S
3 5 Carl Benn Milwaukee, WI 01B
4 4 Nick Ostberg West Bend, WI 1O
5 7 Bill Ostovich Jr Slinger, WI 37O
6 1 James Swan Genoa City, WI 97S
7 2 Willy VanCamp Appleton, WI 11V
8 3 Scott Goetzke Iron Ridge, WI 4G



10 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 2 Team Fogel Slinger, WI 72F
2 3 Super X Racing Slinger, WI 89S
3 1 Greer-Konrath Racing West Bend, WI 49G



6 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 2 Foolery’s * Okauchee Lake, WI 00
2 4 Good Times * Allenton, WI 3
3 5 Sheryl’s 175 * Slinger, WI 175
4 3 Hank’s * Hartford, WI 11
5 1 Raceway * Slinger, WI 60
6 6 Finish Line * Slinger, WI 16

B Feature 1

6 laps | 00:00:00

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 2 Good Times * Allenton, WI 3
2 6 Sheryl’s 175 * Slinger, WI 175
3 3 Hank’s * Hartford, WI 11
4 4 Finish Line * Slinger, WI 16
5 5 Raceway * Slinger, WI 60
6 1 Foolery’s * Okauchee Lake, WI 00



25 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Foolery’s Liquid Therapy

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 3 Phillip Wuesthoff Beaver Dam, WI 99W
2 7 Chris Flairty Whitewater, WI 114F
3 5 Scott Riedner Waunakee, WI 26R
4 6 Jim Tate Jr Deforest, WI 27T
5 4 Christian Janssen Richmond, IL 43J
6 8 Jared Vike Lannon, WI 20V
7 9 Chester Williams Waukesha, WI 22W
8 10 Jordan Egli Columbus, WI 23E
9 1 Jon Benninger Windsor, WI 10B
10 13 Jamie Tate Doylestown, WI 71T
11 2 Greg Bowers Marshall, WI 14B
12 12 Jim Wolf Waukesha, WI 7W
13 14 Mark Melchiori Milwaukee, WI 34M
14 11 Chuck Egli Columbus, WI 22E

– Slinger Speedway Press Release

– Photo by Ron Erstad Jr.

Prunty Performs in Slinger 75