The 30th Annual PRI Trade show in Indianapolis brought thousands of people together from all forms of motorsports to view the latest in racing technology.  The short track racing world was no different, as several companies and organizations within the short track racing landscape attended the three-day event.


PRI also provided an opportunity for sanctioning bodies and companies to make big announcements about the future.


On Friday, PFC Brakes announced details for the #SponsorMePFC18 campaign. For the third year, PFC will put together a team of 10 racers who will represent the company and receive free product from the company. The 10 racers will be a combination of both dirt and pavement short track racers.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)”It seems these days everyone wants the PFC product on their cars,” PFC Brakes’ Chris Dilbeck told powered by JEGS, “So whenever someone asks what kind of deal can we make or this or that, it’s nice to be able to share with them the #SponsorMePFC program and give them the opportunity to earn a shot at a product sponsorship.  PRI’s where you make most of your deals for the year, so to speak.  It’s always been, that’s kind of the draw for the short track racers.”


This was not the only announcement made during PRI.  The Champion Racing Association (CRA) made an announcement on Friday that the playoff Chase format for all four CRA-sanctioned series will return in 2018.  CRA has not released final details on how the format will take place in 2018.  They will announce that at their awards banquet on January 5.


“We did last year and it turned out really well,” said CRA Managing Partner Glenn Luckett.  “I think everybody is geared up to do it again.  There’s obviously going to be some people that don’t like it, but the majority of people liked it.  We had more excitement than we ever had for the end of the season at Winchester last year.”


“We’re pretty pumped up about it.  It gives people an opportunity to miss a race if something comes up or they have a lot of damage and stuff from a previous race, and keeps them in the championship chase.  We’re pretty excited about it.”


While big announcements were being made, other groups attended PRI with the goal of having their product reach the public.  PRI is usually the only time of the year that companies, like FK Rod Ends, interact with customers face-to-face.


“The PRI event is good for FK from the aspect of we get to see our customers and a lot of our racers we sponsor,” said Maria Mellilo of FK Rod Ends.  “We get to learn different things about the series’ we’re involved in.  Some of the sanctioning bodies are here that allows us to do this.  It’s a great venue to communicate with customers and sponsored racers, talk to prospective future customers, and for that, it works out really well for FK Rod Ends.”


In all, over 1,100 companies made the trip to Indianapolis for the 30th Annual PRI Trade Show.  The 31st Annual PRI Trade Show will be held December 6-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.


-By Koty Geyer, Midwest Correspondent

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PRI Brings Together Thousands of Racing Enthusiasts