SOPHIA, N.C. – Prestoria Motorsports – owner of Caraway Speedway, the Southern Modified Racing Series (SMRS) and the North South Shootout – have bolstered their presence in the North Carolina racing landscape with the acquisition of 602 Tour from David Sell.


The 602 Modifieds and 602 Super Limiteds will now be under the Prestoria banner. Both will serve as companion series with the SMRS at some events, and have other “stand alone” events as well in 2018.


“With the 602 Modifieds, this gives us a chance to grow the modified division in the Southeast,” said Renee Hackett of Prestoria. “We love the modifieds; there is such a strong history and heritage of modified racing in North Carolina.  We need to have an “entry level” place for younger drivers wanting to go modified racing and this is the perfect addition.”


The 602 Modifieds are a modified car with limitations on engines, teams must use the 602 GM crate engine


“Adding the 602 Limited Sportsman will similarly be a division where young drivers can get stock car experience as they climb the racing ladder, it also will give veteran drivers a chance to race on a tour all at a reasonable cost,” continued Hackett, who along with husband Darren operate Prestoria.


The 602 Limited Sportsman are full bodied stock car with the limitations for the 602 GM crate engine as well.


“David Sell has done a great job launching both these series, we are happy to be able to continue the hard work he has put into them,” said Hackett.


“I’m excited Renee and Darren are able to take the 602 Tour and move forward with it,” said David Sell, President and Tour Director of the 602 Tour.  “Some personal situations put me in a spot where I needed to make some changes, this allows me to take care of those things and know what we have built in the last couple of years will continue forward.  The future is bright for our Modified and Limited Sportsman drivers and teams.”


Plans for the 2018 season are being finalized for the Southern Modified Racing Series, Caraway Speedway, the 602 Modified Tour and the 602 Super Limited Tour.  The Prestoria motorsports team heads to Indianapolis next week for the PRI trade show anxious to meet with teams, sponsors and others in the motorsports industry looking to build a strong 2018 campaign.


Schedules, sponsorship and other details will be released soon.


602 Tour Release

Prestoria Motorsports Acquires 602 Tour