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From Skip Matczak, President of Seals-it
 Ellington, CT: Seals-it, a leader in the industry for over 25 years, is aware of the recent issues that took place during the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Dover on October 4, 2015. Our company wanted to make sure that all teams, competitors and distributors that use and sell our products know that the failure was not related to one of our parts.
 For a long time now Seals-it has recommended matching the diameter of the axle to the seal hole size (80% of the axle size) and in some cases allow for a larger hole to compensate for axle fluctuation.
 Seals-it has also been recommending the use of low temperature grease which allows for quick break in of the seal. What this means is the axle temperature will rise quickly and upon reaching maximum temperature the rubber seal will have some hardening occur (approx. 020) around the axle. By using the low temperature grease it will keep the seal in contact with the axle during any movement thus reducing the possibility for leakage.
 Testing by outside independent sources has shown that using this recommended method, operating temperature is reduced by 40 to 60 degrees.
 Skip Matczak, President of Seals-it stated that “Seals-it welcomes technical and engineering calls to work with the end user ensuring proper use of our products. Upon request we will also supply product samples for special applications.” Matczak also went on to note that “All of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and we inspect 100% of everything we manufacture and each product is made at our Ellington, CT location.”
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Press Release from Seals-It Regarding Dover Issues