Post-Win Breakfast for Laperle: Bacon & Eggs

Two days after winning the Bacon Bowl 200 at Autodrome Chaudiere, Patrick Laperle woke up Monday morning and cooked himself breakfast before appearing on Speed51’s The Morning Bullring talk show.  To stick with the theme of his $10,000 (CAD) ACT Late Model victory, he kept his choice of breakfast food simple: bacon and eggs.


While appearing on the show, Laperle clarified that the bacon he enjoyed Monday morning was not the product of the piglet he kissed in Victory Lane on Saturday night in Vallée-Jonction, Quebec.


“No.  I wanted to bring it with me,” Laperle said.  “They told me, ‘You know he’s going to grow up and be big.’  Imagine what I would do with a pig at home?  I called back yesterday and I want that pig.  I’m going to find out where he is and I’m going to get him.  I’m going to show you some pictures.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the same one, too.  I’m going to recognize him.”


Similar to the winner of the Milk Bowl kissing a cow each year at Thunder Road (VT), the Bacon Bowl has established a tradition of the winner kissing a piglet in Victory Lane.  As a former winner of the Milk Bowl who has kissed the cow, Laperle compared the two smooches.


“It was sweet. I thought it was maybe like the cow a couple years ago when her mouth was wet, but his was like pretty dry,” he stated.  “It was okay.  Everybody would do it for ten thousand.  It scared me. It was screaming and everything, I thought it was going to scratch me or something. In case they missed it for the picture, I said I’d do it a couple times to make it a nice picture to put on the wall.  I’ve got three kisses with the cow and now one with the piglet.  It’s nice on my wall at the race shop.”


Although he enjoyed the kiss and the $10,000 victory that came along with it, Laperle claimed that his kiss with the cow in 2008 still stands at the top of his list.


“I’m going to tell you why.  That day we won the championship by one point and we won the Milk Bowl by two points,” Laperle said.  “I’m going to remember that cow.  It was Daisy; I remember her name. The cow was special.”


For Laperle, certain victories stand out but every victory is a cause for celebration, especially those he gets to celebrate with his fans in Quebec.  Although he didn’t get to celebrate at the race track because of rain showers that came in after the race, he made sure to make up for it Sunday.


“We partied yesterday,” Laperle said.  “We were supposed to work on the car for the Canadian Short Track Nationals at Jukasa but we watched the race on Speed51 like twice.  We partied hard here yesterday, so that’s what we did.”


Looking back on the race after being a part of it and watching the on-demand replay on Speed51’s Summer Thunder TV, Laperle didn’t hold back when calling it the craziest race he’s ever been a part of.


“Man, it was crazy.  It was two-hundred laps so I thought guys were going to take care of the tires and stuff.  I was wrong; they were on the gas,” he stated.  “The groove like was on the bottom, then it moved up in the middle, then it was on the top and then it was in like the fourth groove.  It was like on dirt.  It was crazy.  The top five or top six was crazy.  We didn’t lap that many cars so there was fighting all the way around.  Man, that was a real, real crazy race.  It must’ve been awesome in the grandstands and everything.”


Those who missed Laperle’s appearance on Monday’s Morning Bullring talk show can watch a full on-demand replay by clicking here.


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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Post-Win Breakfast for Laperle: Bacon & Eggs