Pollard Takes Pole for Sunday’s Rattler 250

Former Rattler 250 winner Bubba Pollard put the No. 26 on the pole for Sunday’s 44th Annual Rattler 250.  He set a lap of 15.359 in Saturday’s qualifying, just .025 seconds ahead of Jeremy Pate.


As Pollard gets set for his first Super Late Model race since February 24 at Showtime Speedway in Florida, Friday and Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions were important in seeing where his team is at speed-wise heading into Sunday’s 250-lapper.




“We’ve just been working hard on our program the last couple months and have been waiting to go to the racetrack to see what we’ve got,” Pollard told Speed51.  “It’s got speed, which is a good thing, we’ve just got to make sure we’re good on the long run.”


He is also entered into Saturday night’s Baby Rattler 125, where he will start on the outside front row.  With two cars similar in speed, he hopes to use what he learns in tonight’s Pro Late Model race in tomorrow’s main event.


“That’s the most important thing about both cars, they feel the same.  We can take what we learned tonight and hopefully we can apply it to what we need tomorrow.  We just have to make the right decisions and do the right things and have a good balance on the race car, we should be fine.”


Florida native Jeremy Pate just missed out on his second Rattler 250 pole in qualifying.  With a Southern Super Series championship in the crosshairs, a front row starting spot for he and Larry Blount Motorsports gives them a strong start to the 2020 season.


“This is our campaign to go try and chase this championship down and we got zero qualifying points last year, we started off with four this year.  We really wanted the pole, I know where I missed my mark and I hate that he got me,” Pate said.  “He got everything out of it, and I left a little bit out there.  We have a good car, it’s been solid all weekend.  I’m really excited about tomorrow.”


Winchester 400 winner Stephen Nasse had strong qualifying runs for both the Rattler and Baby Rattler, where he qualified third in the Super Late Model and on the pole for tonight’s Baby Rattler.


“I’m excited for the race, I think we have a good race car.  We’ve had good speed in the car all weekend.  We’ve been trying to work on the long run speed, I hope we have it figured out.  We decided to leave the car like it was all weekend in practice for qualifying, we feel like it had good speed for those few laps.  We’re going to make a change and hopefully we make it good for the long run.”


“Both cars have shown raw speed all weekend, it’s just the long run speed I’m worried about with the Super.  With the Pro, it stayed pretty equal and I think it’ll be a good race,” Nasse added.  “We were fortunate to get the pole in that one, the track picked up a bunch.”


Alabama 200 winner Jake Garcia and Georgia teenager Dawson Fletcher rounded out the top five in Rattler 250 qualifying.  Other notables included two-time Rattler 250 winner Ty Majeski in eighth, defending race winner Giovanni Bromante in 15th, SpeedFest winner Corey Heim in 16th, and Kyle Busch Motorsports driver Sammy Smith in 18th.


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Super Late Models – Rattler 250 Starting Lineup:

  1. Bubba Pollard
  2. Jeremy Pate
  3. Stephen Nasse
  4. Jake Garcia
  5. Dawson Fletcher
  6. Hunter Robbins
  7. Anthony Sergi
  8. Ty Majeski
  9. Jackson Boone
  10. Daniel Dye
  11. Josh Brock
  12. Connor Okrzesik
  13. Jeff Fultz
  14. Jett Noland
  15. Gio Bromante
  16. Corey Heim
  17. Mason Keller
  18. Sammy Smith
  19. Hudson Halder
  20. Nick Joanides
  21. Steve Dorer
  22. Kyle Plott
  23. Logan Bearden
  24. Kyle McCallum
  25. Kyle Bryant


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Pollard Takes Pole for Sunday’s Rattler 250