All year long, Bubba Pollard read the articles, saw the videos and scrolled through pages of social media posts of how dominant a year Casey Roderick was having against Pro Late Model competition.


Roderick’s 18 wins lit a fire under Pollard, and motivated him to show he still was the king of Deep South Late Model racing.


After a convincing win in Saturday’s Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100, Pollard showed the world that Five Flags Speedway is still his playground.


300x250 Snowball Derby PPV(3)“To tell it like it is, we built this car because the 18 of Casey Roderick won every Pro race there was this year,” Pollard told powered by JEGS. “We feel like we can compete with them, so we built this car. We have won the last two races we have run with it, so yeah; it’s pretty good.”


For much of the race, Jeff Choquette nipped at Pollard’s rear bumper – and even got around the No. 26 machine for a portion of the race. However, when money time came late in the race, Pollard showed he was in complete control of the race, no matter what the running order was.


Through a run of restarts in the second half of the race, Choquette challenged briefly but Pollard always pulled away when the cars got up to speed. It was all part of the plan.


“I determine if I go inside or outside based on what the car behind me has done previous,” Pollard explained. “I wanted to see what Choquette had, and I went to the outside. I could tell he was getting a little tight on restarts down on the bottom and he couldn’t keep it down. I knew on the last couple of restarts, that I had to take the bottom. I knew he would get tight off two and wouldn’t be able to get a run.”


Choquette faded to fourth during the final run, allowing Spencer Davis and Anthony Cataldi to make late runs to the podium. Augie Grill rebounded from an early-race incident to finish fifth.


With a ‘Flake win in his back pocket, Pollard has the chance to make racing history on Sunday. No driver has even swept a Snowball Derby weekend.


Friday afternoon, Pollard timed in second for the 50th Annual Snowball Derby and is one of the favorites to be in the mix Sunday afternoon. With the strong weekend in both divisions, confidence is at an all-time high.


“It gives us a lot of confidence going in to tomorrow. We know these race cars are pretty much identical. Racing during the day versus at night is going to be a little tough. We will take some air pressure changes to put towards tomorrow afternoon.”


Pollard has enjoyed this Snowball Derby weekend more than any other he has ever run. He has been seen lounging in the shade of the hauler and playing with his young daughter. He never practiced his Pro Late Model on Friday.


He is taking the successful weekend in stride and not getting tense about the possibilities of reaching racing immortality. Per the wheelman himself, it’s all due to the rocket he straps in to.


“When you have good race cars, things tend to be a little easier for you,” Pollard said. “The guys are confident, and I am confident. We have had a great weekend on both cars. It has gone smooth because of how good our cars are.”


One thing is clear. No matter how many, or few, asphalt races he runs. The Deep South is still Bubba’s world. Everyone else is just living it.


Race fans can watch the Snowflake 100 on-demand by clicking here.’s Trackside Now coverage can be found here.


-By Ryan McCollough, Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @RyanLMcCollough

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Allen Turner Snowflake 100 Unofficial Results

Presented by Racecar Engineering:

1             26P        Bubba Pollard

2             5D          Spencer Davis

3             00A       Anthony Cataldi

4             9JC        Jeff Choquette

5             112G     Augie Grill

6             43S        Justin South

7             51SN     Stephen Nasse

8             78          Corey Heim

9             95G       Derrick Griffin

10          18R        Casey Roderick

11          14H       Carson Hocevar

12          99N       JR Niedecken

13          46W      Cole Williams

14          22D       Steven Davis

15          12L        Dan Leeck

16          26CS     Chandler Smith

17          51K        Zachary Knowles

18          51F        Eddie Fatscher

19          00C        Brandon Curren

20          55BO    Brandon Oakley

21          16T        Scotty Tomasik

22          24D       Mason Diaz

23          14O       Connor Okrzesik

24          21P        Ryan Paul

25          2A          Austin Wood

26          24          Christopher Tullis

27          97A       Cole Anderson

28          30K        Bobby Knox Jr

29          15J         Jake Johnson

30          R7          Ryan Worsham

31          21J         Brandon Johnson

32          04          Corey Roper

33          51P        Perry Patino

34          11M      Jordan McCallum

35          12G       Joe Graf

36          4M        Elliott Massey

Pollard Reminds Snowflake Field That It’s Still His World