When you do as much racing and winning as Bubba Pollard does on a regular basis, it’s hard to still have a list of things you haven’t done. But one thing Pollard had not done was win a green jacket as champion of the Masters of the Pros, the richest Pro Late Model race in America.


That changed on Friday night.


Pollard traveled up to Birch Run Speedway in Birch Run, Michigan, about 20 minutes north of Flint, to compete for that green jacket and an $11,000 check. He battled with Johnny VanDoorn, but at the end of 200 laps of racing, it was Pollard celebrating in victory lane.


“Man, this thing was good tonight,” Pollard said on the Speed51 TV live stream. “I knew if I could get track position and get out front that it would be tough for them to pass me. It feels good to come in here, a place I’ve never been, against the 71 of VanDoorn and Campbell and all of these guys right here and get the win. That’s awesome. It makes me feel good.”


VanDoorn led the opening 89 laps of this one, but a different strategy saw VanDoorn playing catch-up in the closing stages. The cautions fell his way; however, the lapped traffic did not.


VanDoorn was closing on Pollard in the final handful of laps before he caught two lapped cars battling side-by-side and got stuck. That allowed Pollard to sneak away and go on to the victory.


“The lapped cars, I don’t know what happened there, but they’re supposed to be out of the way and they kind of cost us a little bit there,” said VanDoorn, who finished second with arguably the strongest car in the town of Birch Run. “But, fast time and second-place, I can’t ask for much more. Obviously we wanted the win. We were so close.”


Friday night’s race was the first of three races in four days in two states for Pollard. On Saturday morning he will hop on a plane and head to South Carolina to race the Southern Super Series/CARS Tour combination race at Anderson Speedway before heading back up to Michigan to run the Money in the Bank 150 at Berlin Raceway on Monday.


He’s also chasing a possible $41,000 if he wins all three races, and winning on Friday is a great start.


“They always say the first one is the toughest, Pollard said. “It’s going to be a long day tomorrow. We’ve got to get up early. It’s rough on my guys, so I can’t thank them enough.”


VanDoorn, Jack Dossey III, Jeff Choquette and Steve Dorer completed Friday night’s top five.


Speed51.com offered a live pay-per-view stream of Friday’s Masters of the Pros 200. An on-demand replay of that stream can be seen here.


An on-demand replay of our Trackside Now coverage from Friday night is available here.


Speed51.com will have more from Friday’s Masters of the Pros 200 including video highlights and video interviews still to come on the Speed51 Video Network.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com


Masters of the Pros 200 Unofficial Results

Birch Run Speedway – June 8, 2018

1 26P Bubba Pollard

2 71 Johnny VanDoorn

3 20 Jack Dossey III

4 9 Jeff Choquette

5 10 Steve Dorer

6 14H Kyle Hayden

7 14 Carson Hocevar

8 14D Chris Davidson

9 47 Brian Campbell

10 12 Dan Leeck

11 7 Kyle Crump

12 01R Jeff Roethlisberger, Jr.

13 33 Wes Griffith Jr.

14 7x Robbie Pyle

15 61 Brandon Varney

16 23K Chris Koslek

17 41J Hunter Jack

18 5H Tyler Hufford

19 96 Nathan Bertino

20 88 Trever McCoy

21 5 Michael Clancy Jr.

22 01 James Krueger

23 2 Kyle Jones

24 71F Harold Fair Jr.

25 23K Chris Koslek

26 114 Sterling Marlin

27 29 Mason Keller

28 41 Hayden Sprague

29 10s Garrett Schwartz

Pollard Proves He is Master of the Pros at Birch Run