Pollard Looking to Double Up on Home Dirt Saturday

Speed51 will broadcast racing from Senoia Raceway on Saturday, as the Georgia venue will hold a spectator-less event.  Pavement Super Late Model standout Bubba Pollard will be taking on the dirt at his home track in the event, and has already been to victory lane this week at “The South’s Baddest Bullring.”




Senoia hosted another broadcast-only event on Thursday night.  In that event, Pollard scored the victory in the Crate Late Model 30-lap feature.


Pollard was thrilled to return to victory lane so quickly in his return to racing action.


“It was really good to be back to the track and make some laps, especially right there at home,” Pollard told Speed51.  “There were a lot of good cars there, I think it was 31 crate cars.  It was just a good showing, a good field.  We have some experience around the place, so we had a good night last night.  It was a lot of fun to come back out with a win.”


It was also great to be back racing after several months away from the sport.  It’s a feeling Pollard hopes to replicate on Saturday and share with fans watching around the country.


“It’s what we do, it’s what we love, being at the race track and being able to go racing.  It does feel good to get back to the track with everyone you know.  There are no fans, but being able to watch it on pay-per-view to let some of the asphalt world know that we race dirt and we’re capable of winning there, too; that’s pretty cool.


“I’m excited.  Speed51 coming down, a lot of the asphalt guys that follow Speed51 can also follow dirt.  We have a great friendship with Speed51, so it’s great they’re able to come down and cover the race and let everyone watch it.  I’m excited to get back racing, that’s the biggest thing, and be able to win as well.  It’s been a great week so far.”


Fans who are used to watching Pollard on pavement will be treated to an exciting race track on Saturday. Pollard says the racing surface can change dramatically over the course of an evening, but always produces side-by-side racing that tests driver and car alike.


“It can go through several different changes throughout the night.  Last night, it started pretty heavy and fast.  It slowed down quite a bit.  To compare it to the asphalt world, you’re looking at a Pensacola or a Southern National, somewhere that it’s slick.  Like a Berlin or an Oxford, you just can’t touch the throttle.  You’ve got to be smooth and hit your marks.


“The good thing about the racetrack is it’s not a one-groove race track.  You can run anywhere from the top to the bottom, move around and make some passes.  You’ve really got to have a good race car, but a lot of discipline at the same time as a driver.  Anybody can run down in the corner wide open at some race tracks, but at Senoia you can’t do that.    You’ve got to be smooth and smart.”


Fans can watch a full program of dirt racing from Senoia Raceway on Saturday for $9.99 on Speed51.  Click hereto order your pay-per-view ticket today.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Provided by Bubba Pollard

Pollard Looking to Double Up on Home Dirt Saturday