Bubba Pollard has experienced plenty of busy race weekends during his career, but he’s currently gearing up for one of his busiest yet.  Beginning this Friday, the Senoia, GA driver will be competing in three different races in two different states during a four-day period.


Pollard will begin his busy stretch by making his first visit to Birch Run Speedway (MI) for the $10,000-to-win Master of the Pros Pro Late Model race on Friday, June 8.


From there, Pollard will hop on a plane and travel south to South Carolina’s Anderson Motor Speedway for the Southern Super Series/CARS Tour $10,000-to-win Super Late Model race on Saturday, June 9.


After taking a brief break on Sunday, he will then fly back to Michigan to defend his win in the $20,000-to-win Money in the Bank 150 at Berlin Raceway on Monday, June 11.


If all goes well, Pollard could pocket a whopping $41,000 if he wins all three races.


“Our plan is to take two cars to Michigan, a Pro and a Super.  We can use the Pro car if we need to on Monday as well, so that works out good,” Pollard told Speed51.com.  “We’re going to race Friday night, fly back to South Carolina on Saturday morning.  Some of my other guys are going to have my other Super Late Model there and we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully we’ll run well and then go back to Michigan.”


When Pollard straps into his Pro Late Model at Birch Run, it will be his first asphalt Late Model race in over a month.  That time off has allowed him and his No. 26 team to prepare for the busy four-day stretch coming up.


“We’re pretty excited about it.  It will be fun,” Pollard stated.  “We haven’t raced in the last few weeks.  The cars are ready, and you can win up to $40,000 in three races there in four days.  You don’t really find that too often, so that’s pretty cool to be able to do that.  It’s a pretty good payday.”


Although Pollard will certainly be among the favorites to win all three races, he knows that pulling off the trifecta will be a tough task.


“You’re looking at 200 laps on Friday night in the Pro car at a track we’ve never been to, never seen before and only get two hours of practice.  Then we jump back into the Super on Saturday on a quarter-mile race track.  There’s three totally different race tracks there I feel like, different cars in two of them.  We’ve had success at Anderson and Berlin, so we’re excited.


“It’s going to be tough; it’s not going to be easy keeping everything straight.  This would probably never happen again like this, but this would be pretty neat if we could pull it off and win all three races.  I feel like we have a pretty good chance.  Two out of the three race tracks we’ve been to and won at, so it’s a pretty good opportunity for us to win all three.”


When Pollard enters the gates of Birch Run Speedway Friday night, he’ll be looking to remain undefeated behind the wheel of his new No. 26 Pro Late Model.  Leading up to the Masters of the Pros, he has won all four races – Florida Governor’s Cup at New Smyrna, Snowflake 100 at Five Flags, SpeedFest at Cordele and Baby Rattler at South Alabama – he has entered with his current car.


“We haven’t lost in the Pro yet since we built it,” Pollard confirmed.  “Even never seeing the place, I feel like we’ve been to quite a few different race tracks and we have a good baseline to what our Senneker car is like.  We’ve also had a lot of help from Terry Senneker and Brian Campbell who are up there and from that area.  We have a lot of feedback coming from them and we’re really confident in the race car.”


If Pollard is able to win the Masters of the Pros, he’ll also be eligible to win an extra $1,000 bonus that will go to the highest finisher who has never raced at Birch Run.


Following the Masters of the Pros, Pollard will board a plan on Saturday morning and head towards Anderson Motor Speedway.  One of the team’s Super Late Models and a few crew members will be awaiting his arrival.


When he arrives, Pollard will be looking to defend his win in the $10,000 CARS Tour / Southern Super Series combination race.  In doing so, he’ll also be hoping to make up some of the 55 points separating himself from current SSS points leader Corey Heim.


“I’d definitely like to win the championship, but it’s not something we had planned on earlier in the year,” Pollard admitted.  “It’s still kind of early in the season, still a lot of races left.  We’ll take it into the summer here and see how we’re doing here.  Hopefully we can run all the races, that’s the plan to run all the races, so we’ll see if the championship happens.”


The final stop of Pollard’s three-day stretch will be Berlin Raceway, where he will join 40-plus Super Late Model drivers for the second running of the Money in the Bank 150.  As a vocal member of the Late Model community, Pollard expressed his excitement about the event and its affordability for race teams.


“I think it’s an excellent event,” he began.  “I think they’re doing a great job with it.  The race track, Mike Bursley and the guys there, have done a great job to make it racer friendly.  They even have where you can get some of your tire money back.  It’s showing this year and they’ve drawn over 40 entries so far.  I think it’s a great race.  You won’t find a much better facility.  It’s a great place to race and they have everything going for it.


“I feel like other people are seeing the success that they had last year and the feedback people give them, and that’s what they’re doing at this Masters of the Pros as well.  It’s a one-day event but $10,000 to win. You put a couple of those on a year and that does well.”


Race fans will be able to watch Pollard compete in both the Masters of the Pros and Money in the Bank 150 via pay-per-view broadcasts on Speed51.com.


Video tickets for Friday’s Masters of the Pros can be purchased for $14.99 by clicking here.


Video tickets for Monday’s Money in the Bank 150 can be purchased for $19.99 by clicking here.

Pollard Hoping to Hit the Weekend Late Model Trifecta