Pollard, Florida Racer Trade Paint & Words for $10,000

With $10,000 on the line in the Full Throttle 100 at Citrus County Speedway, a Super Late Model star and a local hero traded paint on the track for the win, then exchanged words after the checkered flag fell.


Bubba Pollard scored the victory in the 4th Annual Full Throttle 100 after a hard-fought battle with Gorham , taking the lead for the final time on lap 59 of the 100-lap feature.  The battle came with plenty of contact on the tight Florida bullring, but Pollard escaped with the win in his first trip to Citrus County.


“It was a tough race track,” said Pollard in victory lane.  “We’ve worked our a– off for two days here.  That’s what the guys are paying for, but that’s what it’s all about.”


The on-track battle led to harsh words exchanged between the two during their post-race interviews on the public address system.


“I’ve tried to pass people clean on the bottom for a while now,” said Pollard.  “You can’t do some people.  Some people, you just have to make them look dumb.”


Gorham retorted, suggesting that Pollard’s experience and budget offered him an advantage in the mid-race duel.


“When you race against someone who races every weekend and doesn’t have to work for a living, it’s pretty easy to pass someone who don’t ever race,” said Gorham.  “This guy races for a living, and I just come out here.  I work my a– off Monday through Friday on this car and my own money is in this car, and we do what we can do.


“Bubba don’t like to get raced hard.  Welcome to short track racing in Central Florida.”


Cooler heads prevailed after the race, as the two drivers discussed the on-track incident.  Pollard hoped for more racing room from Gorham, but acknowledged the adrenaline from the battle showed in victory lane.


“It’s a quarter-mile.  You’re going to race hard.  Our two cars were the class of the field.  We didn’t have to rough each other up.  We had a good race there.  All I ask for is a lane down the straightaway.  If you run me up in the corners, that’s fine.  I’ll run you down and pinch you down.  That’s what you’re supposed to do at a place like this.  I just want a lane to race in down the straightaway.”


“When I got put in the fence twice on the straightaway, I had enough.  I got fired up.  I was excited.  That’s good, hard racing.”


Gorham agreed with Pollard’s assessment on their battle, and took blame for squeezing Pollard into the wall.


“It’s good, hard racing.  Bubba is the best around.  I raced him real hard.  I got loose a little bit, pushed him in the wall, he was a little bit upset.  We talked.  It’s all good now.  I apologized to him, and it’s part of racing.  It’s hard to pass here, and I didn’t want to give up the lead that easy.”


Mike Bresnahan, returning after a hiatus from racing, completed the podium.  Jared Irvan and Anthony Sergi rounded out the top five.


The win marked the 11th time Pollard has gone to victory lane in his first race at a track, with Citrus County becoming the 30th different track where Pollard has scored a victory.


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo


Unofficial Results – Full Throttle 100


  1. Bubba Pollard
  2. George Gorham, Jr.
  3. Mike Bresnahan
  4. Jared Irvan
  5. Anthony Sergi
  6. Jesse Dutilly
  7. Dylan Bigley
  8. Anthony Cataldi
  9. Devin McLeod
  10. Patrick Staropoli
  11. Scotty Crockett
  12. Michael Atwell
  13. Keith Zavrel
  14. Scott Grossenbacher
  15. Trey Bayne
  16. Rex Struble
  17. Daniel Keene, Jr.
  18. Daniel Webster
  19. Chase Lovelady
  20. Brad Bowman
  21. Michael Hinde
  22. Nick Neri
  23. Stephen Nasse
  24. Vincent Staggs
  25. Michael Goddard
  26. Bobby Good
  27. Jonathan Kievman
  28. Keith Roggen

Pollard, Florida Racer Trade Paint & Words for $10,000