Bubba Pollard is one of the most accomplished short track racers in the world, but he’ll make his way south to Alabama this weekend feeling as though he has something to prove.  The Senoia, GA driver will be searching for his second career Rattler 250 victory during the Southern Super Series season opener at South Alabama Speedway.


Pollard, the 2012 winner of the Rattler 250, has had fast race cars everywhere he has gone during the 2018 season but doesn’t have the results to show for it.  As a result, he’s hungry for a victory this Sunday in Opp, Alabama.


“We’ve been good the early part of the season here to get things going and just haven’t had anything to show for it,” Pollard said.  “I feel like we have something to prove when we get to Opp.  There will be some good cars there.  It’s one of those tracks that I really like and we’ve had a lot of success there in the past.”


His success at South Alabama Speedway includes more than 20 victories in Pro Late Model and Super Late Model competition. Pollard believes it is the similarities between the Opp oval and his home track of Senoia (GA) that has made him so successful.


“I raced at Opp before they paved the race track several years ago and it was worn out.  I think it just reminds me of how I grew up racing and the race track that I grew up racing at here in Senoia,” he explained.  “It reminds me a lot of the place.  I feel like just having the experience there I can take to Opp.  The two are very similar race tracks, and I think just growing up at Senoia has helped me more than anything at Opp.”


Before Pollard pulls his rig into South Alabama Speedway to compete in the Baby Rattler (Pro Late Models) and the Rattler 250, he will be making a stop at Southern Raceway for a Southern All Stars Dirt Late Model race Friday night.  The opportunity to compete in three races on two different surfaces in three days is something that has his team excited.


“We’ve had a lot of time off here in the last month, so we’re kind of caught up here in the shop.  The guys have worked hard to get things done and they’re excited,” Pollard stated.  “They’re excited about racing dirt Friday night and then running pavement on Saturday night and Sunday.  They’re excited about that, that will be fun and something different.  We wrecked the car at Greenville, so we’re getting that car put back together.  We’re ready for the weekend and excited about it.”


Speaking about the incident that occurred during the Meltdown Race at Greenville Pickens Speedway, Pollard admitted that he still gets upset when he thinks about it. Pollard was leading that race when contact from behind sent him crashing hard into the turn one wall.


Although it was discouraging, he believes that his team will bounce back from it more motivated and faster than ever before.


“It’s just something that just really shouldn’t have happened, it was really uncalled for.  You go through ups and downs in racing that you have to deal with, adversity and things like that.  They kind of set us back on our budget for the year with what we can do,” Pollard claimed.  “To get started off like that hurt our team with being prepared for the early part of the year here, but we’re getting things going and getting things turned around.  We got a lot of motivation with having fast race cars.  I feel like we have something to prove this weekend at Opp.”


If Pollard is able to prove something this weekend at South Alabama Speedway, he will be greeted by an Alabama rattlesnake in victory lane.  While winning is something he is looking forward to, he would like to keep some distance between himself and the fanged reptile.


“I still don’t like snakes and don’t want nothing to do with them,” Pollard said with a laugh.  “If we can win our second Rattler, I think it will be pretty cool and pretty special.  Back then I was younger and I really don’t remember it much, but I don’t think we were very good that year.  I think we have better race cars and are more prepared now, so it would be a lot more special to us.  But I don’t deal well with the snakes.  About a couple of feet is the closest I’m going to get to him; he can stay at the front of the car and I’ll stay at the rear of the car and we’ll be just fine.”


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-By Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Pollard Feels He Has Something to Prove at The Rattler