Poll Results: Short Track Racing Fans Would Attend Race on May 1

On Thursday, Speed51 asked fans via a social media poll if they would attend a short track racing event on May 1 if regulations allowed it.  Between Facebook and Twitter, the poll received more than 3,000 votes, with the overwhelming majority of those voting saying they would go to the track if the gates opened.


Based on the polling results from 3,003 respondents, 83.6% would attend a short track racing event on or after May 1, if allowed.  Only 16.4% of the respondents indicated that they would not attend a short track racing event on or after May 1, if allowed.


Many fans offered their reasoning behind their votes in Twitter replies and Facebook comments.


Gary Hiser on Facebook said he would return to the race track to watch his grandson compete.


“I’m an elderly grandfather with health issues. If my Grandson was racing this weekend, I would be there! I would take precautions to separate best I could and wear PPE if I couldn’t. But truthfully, not knowing how many more opportunities I will have in the future watching him race, I would not miss any if I was physically able to go.”


Most fans are just eager to see racing again, and will offer their support to tracks and racers as soon as they reopen.




Others noted the economic importance of a return to racing, especially if their career is based in the motorsports industry.




Those who said they would not attend a race on May 1 often cited the dangers and risks associated with COVID-19.





With that said, there were also some people who encouraged others to attend those events, and cited reasons such as personal health for declining to attend.


“As someone at high risk of severe complications from the disease, it just wouldn’t be smart at this time,” said Joe DeUnger on Facebook. “But by all means, run the race & I hope the stands are packed full of happy race fans.”


Scott Tapley, a race official at Riverhead Raceway (NY) and Stafford Motor Speedway (CT), also offered a unique perspective from a race track’s point of view.


“Racers and racers families will absolutely go to the track. Unfortunately I’m afraid the casual race fans probably won’t and they are necessary for the track to actually make money…..not to mention a lot those fans are usually in the age bracket of concern….I can think of the same 10-20 people that sit in front of my tower at Stafford every week and they are all just fans with no attachment to any particular driver or team and they are all over 60. Just being realistic, if we open as currently scheduled in late May I bet it’s fair to say we’d see a loss of at least 50% in attendance over the year prior and that would be a huge financial loss.”


We thank everyone for participating in this poll and sharing their thoughts and opinions.  We hope you all are staying safe at this time.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Poll Results: Short Track Racing Fans Would Attend Race on May 1