Points Leader Tops Big Field of PLMs in Nashville Qualifying

With one race to go in what has been a break out season for 19-year-old Jackson Boone at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville, the Franklin, Tennessee young gun was just hoping for a solid qualifying run on Saturday afternoon. In the end, he went above and beyond, claiming the pole position for the Big Machine Vodka Pro Late Models season finale on Sunday afternoon.


Entering the weekend as the points leader, Boone entered the day feeling confident about his racecar, but even he was surprised by how fast he was able to wheel it on the Nashville high banks.


“I couldn’t say I was expecting that, it’s such a tight field. All the glory to God first off, my mom and dad, my sponsors, and everybody back at the shop,” Boone told Speed51. “Everyone has put in such a heck of a piece.  We have pieced together something different for this weekend. Sure enough, it worked. I stuck it in there the first lap, didn’t know if it was going to feel good or not, but it gripped and it hooked. I’m thrilled.”


Heading into Sunday trying to close out his first Fairgrounds PLM title, Boone admits that emotions are running high.  The plan for the No. 7 team is quite simple: stick to the plan.


“Going into tomorrow we’re still nervous, but there’s a lot of good things going in our direction. We just got to let play out and hope things go our way. Play our regular strategy and hopefully once it’s all said and done, we’ll be in victory lane.”


Clocking in second on the chart, 2018 Nashville PLM champion Michael House was also surprised by his qualifying performance after everything was said and done.


“I didn’t really feel like we had a qualifying run car that was going to be worthy of being on the front row,” House said.  “I thought Bubba laid down a really good lap. I knew Jackson was going to lay down a good lap. To roll off P2, I’m really thankful I would say.”


This weekend, House is one of many doing double-duty in both the Pro Late Models and the Super Late Model All American 400. It is not something the No. 1 team has much experience with, and it is taking the camp to their limit.


“Happy just to be here running two cars.  It’s really spread my crew thin, so I’m thankful that Jonathan Brown, my car owner, allowed me to do this and that my crew has stuck it out with me. It took away a little from both cars to do this deal, but here we are.”


Another former Nashville PLM champion, Cole Williams did not fair quite as well in Saturday qualifying, with a fast lap good enough only for ninth being disallowed after an inspection violation, bumping him back to 15th on the grid.


“I think it’s going to be alright.  It stinks with that crap deal with tech being a sixteenth off on the roof height. But, the car is running good.  We added some cross weight which bit us in the center, but it’s not an impound race, so we’ll be able to fix that. I think we’ll have to ride at the beginning, but I know we can get up there. We know how it races, and we know we can win with it.”


The Big Machine Vodka Pro Late Models lead off the racing lineup Sunday with their 100-lap season finale, that will lead into the 35th All American 400 for the Super Late Models.


Catch all 500 laps of racing live Sunday afternoon on Speed51 by clicking here.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photos


Pro Late Model Qualifying Results

Pos # Driver Time
1 7 Jackson Boone 18.905
2 1 Michael House 18.913
3 26 Bubba Pollard 18.941
4 14C Davey Coble 18.950
5 35 Jake Garcia 18.962
6 9 Michael Bolden 18.963
7 89 Dylan Fetcho 18.983
8 09 Daniel Bolden 18.985
9 62 William Hale 19.063
10 16C Cayden Lapcevich 19.066
11 51N Stephen Nasse 19.067
12 52 Jake Sheridan 19.103
13 29 Mason Keller 19.105
14 55 Bennie Hamlett 19.109
15 46 Cole Williams 19.133
16 41 Taylor Holdaway 19.170
17 10F Kyle Fletcher 19.173
18 11 Stacey Crain 19.182
19 29H Chris Hacker 19.198
20 68 Clay Greenfield 19.210
21 114 Sterling Marlin 19.222
22 29W Hunter Wright 19.257
23 53 Kyle Ivey 19.268
24 95 Chaz Chaffin 19.303
25 24 Mason Diaz 19.308
26 12S Sammy Smith 19.315
27 01 Austin Wilson 19.367
28 12 Christopher Tullis 19.369
29 116 Zack Johnson 19.426
30 16 Austin Brawley 19.465
31 17 Chuck Tuck 19.512
32 27 Joe Ross 19.584
33 2 Mike Pruitt 19.617
34 189 Bryce Carver 19.821
35 14M Sterlin Marlin 19.849
36 27M Hal Musler 19.963
37 77 Greg Fore 20.161

Points Leader Tops Big Field of PLMs in Nashville Qualifying