The Snowball Derby has long been a race that has brought families together for a week at Five Flags Speedway (FL). For 2017, the list of families includes the Plott family, with brothers Kason and Kyle Plott both searching for success in the 50th Annual Snowball Derby.


While Kyle has competed in the Snowball Derby on three previous occasions, younger brother Kason will be making his debut this weekend.


So far, the 2017 season has been an important one for Kyle as he completed his first full-time campaign with the Southern Super Series. This week, he looks to take a great learning season and turn it into a career-best finish at the Snowball Derby, where he had a top-five qualifying effort in 2016.


“We’re excited to be here.” Kyle stated.  “Hopefully we’ll have a little more luck than last year and make more than 67 laps. It’s been kind of a rollercoaster year; we’ve had goods and bads just like any other year, but I feel like I learned a lot more racing full-time on the Southern Super Series. Having four races down here I feel like helps a lot, I know the track. This track changes so much over races and it’s a completely different track for the Derby.”


While winning will be a challenge, the oldest Plott brother is looking forward to having a shot at taking on one of the toughest fields in Snowball Derby history.


“Everybody’s seen how stiff the field is up here,” Kyle said.  “I’m looking forward to getting out there, qualifying into the race and racing all 300 laps.”


The biggest mark for the 50th Annual Snowball Derby for Kyle and the Plott family is the first appearance of Kason Plott in a race car on Derby weekend. It’s something that Kyle is looking forward just as much as racing himself.


“He should be pretty good.  He’s got my old car which has always been fast for me,” Kyle explained.  “As long as he doesn’t mess it up, he should be good.”


After making a handful of Southern Super Series appearances in 2017, with a few top-10 finishes along the way, Kason comes in with abundant confidence, especially with Kyle lending a hand.


“I have some high hopes. I have a great team behind me,” Kason said.  “Kyle’s been a bunch of help, he’s been working his butt off at the shop getting both of these cars ready. He’s helped me a lot with these past few races down here, getting me ready for it. He’s told me some of his secrets. All I can do is listen, take what he tells me, run with it and hope for the best.”


Kason is confident of his chances at not just making the 50th Snowball Derby, but having a strong race run over the 300-lap event.


“I feel like I’ve learned a lot.  We’ve definitely progressed through the races, had our own ups and downs, but I feel like this race is going to be our time to shine,” Kason said confidently.  “Just to make the race would be huge for us, but this is the best the car has been here, so there isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t make it. It’s up to me to not mess up in qualifying, then all we can do is make it better and see where we can end up.”


The Plott family will also look to put on a great performance with Rhino Hitch coming onboard both the No. 4 and No. 19 Super Late Models.


“We got Rhino Hitch joining us. Rhino Hitch is the most versatile hitch on the market, everyone should go check them out at,” Kason said.


Be sure to follow the Plott brothers on all week long for the latest from the 50th Annual Snowball Derby.


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Plott Brothers Ready to Tackle 50th Annual Snowball Derby