Another change on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour occurred Wednesday with the announcement that driver Woody Pitkat has parted ways with the No. 46 team headed by Jeff Goodale.


Jeff Goodale told powered by JEGS Wednesday afternoon that the Long Island based team is making a driver change prior to the next Whelen Modified Tour race at Stafford Motor Speedway on August 4.


A source close to Speed51 indicated that Long Island driver Craig Lutz is a possible candidate. Goodale told 51 that while it is a possibility, he is not prepared to name a driver at this time.


“It’s something we are considering; we’re not ready to totally go out with in the open yet. I had left the status that I had just posted, and I’m really just going to keep it at that for now. It’s a tough decision, we have a lot of respect for Woody. We have a few ideas of who we want and what we are going to do. As for right now, I’m not too sure that we are going to go out in public with it, there are ideas, he (Lutz) has definitely been considered. But with respect for Woody, we’re still looking, it’s a major decision, we don’t want to burn any bridges, so we’re just kind of playing the waiting game. Waiting for my dad to make a definite decision on what he wants to do. We will have a driver for Stafford and we’re looking forward to going.”


Pitkat could not be reached for comment Wednesday. Goodale indicated that the decision is based on happenings within the team that were not related to Pitkat.


“It was really no fault of Woody’s. We were thinking of shutting down the team, we just weren’t having as much fun as we used to. I had some chats with my dad and talked to him about why he wants to shut it down, and he explained some things. I think he went to Loudon (and said), ‘It’s just not the same as it was’. I said, ‘What if we make some changes? Give our team a little bit of a facelift.’ It was more than just a driver change, we are changing some of our policies as far as how our team operates. Just trying to change the atmosphere a little bit to hopefully get the morale up, hopefully that adds to some success down the road. Woody is a fantastic driver, he’s an amazing talent, I’m glad he was able to drive for us, it’s just a tough decision we have to make. But we feel that we made the correct decision and we’re going to put somebody in the car and we’re really just going to direct and change our focus to making sure that we have a good time, and make sure that when we show up to the track that we have a good time, everyone gets along, and we leave feeling that we accomplished something.” will have more on this developing story.


-By: Connor Sullivan, CT, MA & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Pitkat Out of Goodale No. 46, Team Looking for New Driver