Behind every great driver is a great team.  The crew members that put in countless hours at the shop and at the track sometimes do not receive the recognition deserved for a job well done.  The combination of a great driver and a great crew is the recipe for making great things happen on the track.


That’s why the team at, who specialize in fabricating a high quality line of standard and custom pit boxes, is proud to honor a monthly “Pit Crew of the Month” from the short track ranks of America on  Each month, an esteemed panel of short track industy insiders will vote on which pit crew helped lead their driver to success on the track.  The pit crew with the most votes will then be the “ Pit Crew of the Month” and will receive a $200 product certificate to use at  For more on, visit their website today.


This edition of the “ Pit Crew of the Month” for the month of October goes to……


Chandler Smith battles Jeff Choquette for the lead late in the Winchester 400. ( Photos)

Chandler Smith Racing

Super Late Models


Things happen fast in racing, both on the track and in the pits.  When things change in an instant, it often comes down to a pit crew that can not only be quick to repair a racecar, but also get it right the first time. It will often times be a team’s one and only chance to stay in contention for a win.


During the 47th Annual Winchester 400 at Winchester Speedway on October 14, the race started to mirror the dominant weekend Chandler Smith had going on up to that point. However, that dominance was tempered by a flat tire early in the 400-lap marathon. Things only became worse when the cause of the flat had been caused by a broken sway bar on the No. 26.


With no spare available, the Ricky Turner led team had to think fast, catching a break under a working red flag to cannibalize a sway bar from the No. 81 car (Chase Purdy) which had fallen out of the race.


With a replacement fitted, Chandler went on the attack, making up lost ground throughout the rest of the race and then challenging eventual race winner Jeff Choquette to an all-out battle for the top spot over the final laps.


For their cool under fire attitude, on the fly ingenuity and sheer determination, the Chandler Smith Racing team has been named the Pit Crew of the Month for October.


Chandler Smith Racing Pit Crew:

Crew Chief: Ricky Turner

Mechanic / Tire Specialist: Will Coat

Mechanic: Danny Cronic

Mechanic: Bobby Adams

Mechanic/Gas Man: Deven Sanchez

Tire Specialist: Michael “Pablo” Mizzellee


-Text by 51 Staff

-Photo credit: Photos Pit Crew of the Month for October